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Vases and decorations for garden and home interior, design items with modern style and perfect tradition to furnish your rooms with elegance.

ProduceShop has selected for you the best vases and decorations ideal for those looking for style and practicality in its private spaces or in their public places, vases and decorations of modern and classic style perfect to add a touch of elegance to your indoor and outdoor environments.

The proposed vases and decorations are practical and functional furnishing solutions, vases of all sizes able to accommodate any type of plant and flower and perfect to become a real piece of furniture sought after and characterized by your own style.

The vases and decorations are designed and built to give a touch of color to a slightly dull corner or to enrich your garden with refined design products.

The vases and decorations selected by ProduceShop are unique furnishing accessories in terms of shapes, colors and design, each vase can become the protagonist of your room by attracting guests' attention, looks and admiration, thanks to the careful selection made by our designers who have selected the best brands and products for this interesting category.

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Modern design rectangular plant pot BASE POT 70 Slide

EUR 139.95 EUR 209.95

Modern design rectangular plant pot BASE POT 40 Slide

EUR 89.95 EUR 164.95

Large design luminous vase X-POT 135 Slide

EUR 619.95 EUR 669.95

Luminous vase for design plants BIG GIO LIGHT Large slide

EUR 999.95 EUR 1,139.95

Large design plant pot GIO TONDO Slide

EUR 499.95 EUR 539.95

Large bright plant pot design GIO TONDO Slide

EUR 599.95 EUR 649.95

Plant pot IL VASO 55 cm modern design

EUR 99.95 EUR 169.95

Plant pot IL VASO 75 cm modern design

EUR 149.95 EUR 219.95

Plant pot IL VASO 140 cm modern design

EUR 699.95 EUR 749.95

Large plant pot BIG GIO Slide 130cm

EUR 949.95 EUR 1,049.95

Large design X-POT 135 Slide vase

EUR 599.95 EUR 699.95