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    Tool sets and trolleys

Tool sets and trolleys

Tool sets and trolleys
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Toolbox Trolley Set with 1100 pieces Mac-Xxl

EUR 104.95 EUR 189.95
In stock

Tool trolley set with 1019 pieces Mac-Xl

EUR 79.95 EUR 159.95
In stock

Wheeled 99 Piece Case Screwdriver Tool Set Smart-L

EUR 42.95 EUR 117.95
In stock

Tool Case Set Drill Bits Work Tools 252 Pieces Smart-Xl

EUR 44.95 EUR 129.95
In stock

Tool Case Set Work Tools 334 Pieces Smart-Xxl

EUR 49.95 EUR 124.95
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Tool Case Set Work Tools Screwdriver Drill 334 Pieces Smart-Extra

EUR 84.95 EUR 154.95
In stock

Tool Case Set Work Tools Ratchet Socket Wrench Allen 169 Pieces Fx

EUR 44.95 EUR 119.95
In stock

Tool Case Set Work Tools Socket Wrenches Ratchet Screwdriver Allen 99...

EUR 41.95 EUR 116.95
In stock

Tool Case Set Work Tools Included 299 Pieces Kit Task

EUR 64.95 EUR 139.95
In stock

Tool Case Socket Wrenches Ratchet Screwdriver Allen Screws 199 Pieces Mx

EUR 62.95 EUR 134.95
In stock

Our tool boxes, kits and trolleys for both enthusiasts and professionals are made from high quality materials and are the perfect combination between durability and practicality.

Our selection of boxes, cases and trolleys with tools and utensils by Stark is characterised by the ability to accommodate complete sets; even small kits feature all necessary tools thanks to the optimisation of space.

Stark, top player in the "Do it yourself" DIY market, has focused its attention on 3 main features: Performance, choice of materials and functionality.

  • Performance: all the tools and instruments are made following the ergonomics of the human body with the aim of facilitating their use and lightening the effort during the work.
  • Choice of materials: the design of the entire Stark DIY line begins with a careful selection of the materials used; the basic material for each tool is chrome vanadium, an innovative material capable of providing strength and durability over time, even in the case of professional and intensive use.
  • Functionality: in addition to the choice of materials, the design has focused on creating boxes, cases and trolleys with added value and optimisation of the size/weight ratio, all Stark products are characterised by their practicality and maximisation of space, to allow the end user to easily handle their tools without unnecessary efforts.

Ratchet wrenches, screwdrivers, hexagonal wrenches, pliers and many other tools have been tested and selected to ensure a high quality product.

DIY enthusiasts and professionals will be thrilled to find a solution that can organise and hold their tools in the best possible way!