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    Sun Loungers and Deck Chairs

Sun Loungers and Deck Chairs

Sun Loungers and Deck Chairs
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Verona Lux Folding uv Resistant Sunbed With Sunshade

EUR 59.95 EUR 93.95
In stock

Rodeo Ultimate Portable Folding Beach Chair

EUR 34.95 EUR 39.95
In stock

Riccione Beach & Patio Deck Chair

EUR 74.95 EUR 127.95
In stock

Gargano Reclining Deck Chair With Armrests

EUR 49.95 EUR 74.95
In stock

Banana Folding Deck Chair With Built-in Wheels

EUR 54.95 EUR 124.95
In stock

Italia Professional Sun Lounger With Built-in Headrest And Sunshade

EUR 139.95 EUR 179.95
In stock

Riccione Lux Beach Deck Chair With Armrests

EUR 84.95 EUR 134.95
In stock

Set Of 2 GRANDE Italia Queen Size Sun Loungers With Built-in Headrest...

EUR 359.95 EUR 369.95
Last ones in stock

Set Of 2 Italia Professional Sun Loungers With Built-in Headrest And...

EUR 244.95 EUR 269.95
In stock

Sun Loungers and Beach Chairs: for the best relax in the sun's warmth.

Perfect in all details, refined, practical and strong, many of our sun loungers and chairs are designed and certified for public and professional use.

Engineered to ensure maximum relaxation in the sun, they are manufactured to meet all the needs of your outdoor spaces.

An ideal solution for beach resorts along the coast, but also for gardens, pools, terraces and hotels.

We are able to offer these at really affordable prices and in different colours and patterns to suit all tastes.