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Solar lights
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Solar lights and lamps are among the products that ProduceShop is most proud of. Solar lighting in the garden is an eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly choice, and above all it is an intelligent choice because it costs nothing. Solar energy is in fact free, without consumption and without the need for electrical systems.

Our proposals for solar lamps and lamp posts range from wall sconces to real professional street lamps All our products in this category are self-sufficient and affordable, but above all ecological. You no longer need an electrical connection to illuminate your private road or your garden. Outdoor lighting will be much more efficient and your electricity bill will not be affected because it is completely autonomous and solar-powered. Technological advances in this area will allow you to have intelligent solar lights with motion sensors and twilight sensitivity so as to activate only at dusk or at your passage, saving on battery power and ensuring a long life of lighting. LED technology allows for constant, diffuse lighting that can illuminate large areas with limited voltage without discharging the solar battery. For this reason, solar lights are now able to guarantee your illuminated spaces even during periods of bad weather as the accumulated recharge allows not to run out the first time you use it, but to last over time.

All you have to do is equip yourself with the best solar lamps on the market, our LED lights and solar lights are the best choice for the daily lighting of your gardens and streets. Whether you are a private individual or a professional company, ProduceShop has the solution to illuminate suitable for your needs.

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Twilight Movement Sensor Led Light Solar Wall Light RIGEL

EUR 34.95 EUR 69.95

Solar Christmas String Lights 4M 100 LED

EUR 34.95 EUR 109.95

Solar Street LED Lamp 2.5K LM with Remote Control Motion & Dusk Till...

EUR 299.95 EUR 349.95

Solar Street Light with Integrated Panel and Remote Control CALLISTO

EUR 149.95 EUR 194.95

50 LED Tube Christmas String Lights

EUR 34.95 EUR 59.95

Projector LED Laser with Solar Panel and Remote Control CHRISTMAS

EUR 59.95 EUR 134.95

Solar Christmas lights 4 white ICICLE LEDs

EUR 34.95 EUR 39.95

Solar christmas lights decorative net 50 led

EUR 29.95 EUR 39.95

Solar LED Streetlight 2K Lumens with Built In Panel and Sensors for...

EUR 199.95 EUR 249.95

Solar Window Curtain String Lights

EUR 34.95 EUR 37.95

Solar Wall Lamp with Motion and Dusk Till Dawn Detectors 44 LEDs 1K...

EUR 99.95 EUR 114.95

Solar LED Streetlight 3000 Lumens with Built In Panel Motion and...

EUR 309.95 EUR 384.95

Solar Street Light 4000 lumens LED with Solar Panel and built-it Sensors...

EUR 369.95 EUR 469.95

Solar LED Streetlight 5K Lumens with Built In Panel for Parking Lots...

EUR 509.95 EUR 689.95

Artificial Christmas tree 180 cm decorated with decoration BERGEN

EUR 49.95 EUR 129.95

Artificial Christmas tree 210 cm decorated with decorations ROVANIEMI

EUR 54.95 EUR 139.95

LED solar streetlight 7K Lumens for Gardens Steets Parking Lots MAZINGA

EUR 609.95 EUR 749.95

Artificial Christmas tree 240 cm decorated with decorations OSLO

EUR 74.95 EUR 159.95

Traditional artificial Christmas tree 210 cm GOTHENBURG

EUR 54.95 EUR 139.95

Classic traditional artificial Christmas tree 240 cm HELSINKI

EUR 69.95 EUR 149.95

Solar Street Lamp with LED Street Light 19th Century Design MILANO

EUR 289.95 EUR 339.95

Solar Lamp Post 60 LEDs 1500 LM Motion & Dusk Till Dawn Detectors SQUARE

EUR 299.95 EUR 379.95

LED Spotlight Solar Panel Outdoors Led 1000 lumens FLOOD

EUR 79.95 EUR 139.95

Spotlight LED Solar Panel Outdoor led 2000 lumens FLOOD

EUR 99.95 EUR 149.95

LED Spotlight Solar Panel Garden Outdoors 5000 lumens FLOOD

EUR 169.95 EUR 249.95

Solar Wall Lamp for Billboards and Exteriors Decorating BILLBOARD MAXI

EUR 199.95 EUR 279.95

Solar Garden Lamp 8 LEDs 100 LM Built In Panel SUNWAY

EUR 59.95 EUR 71.95

Solar Walkway Light 8 LEDs 100 LM Internal Battery VILLA

EUR 69.95 EUR 99.95

Solar Wall Lamp with Motion Detector Built In Panel Internal Battery REFLEX

EUR 64.95 EUR 149.95