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    Sideboards and cupboards

Sideboards and cupboards

Sideboards and cupboards
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Sideboard sideboard living room kitchen 2 doors 6 compartments white Dama

EUR 319.95 EUR 399.95
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Sideboard sideboard mobile container living room 4 doors white marble...

EUR 279.95 EUR 359.95
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Sideboard modern design white and oak wood for living room kitchen Talea

EUR 299.95 EUR 379.95
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Sideboard modern design gray and white lacquered for living room kitchen...

EUR 309.95 EUR 379.95
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Modern industrial design wooden sideboard for kitchen Houston

EUR 379.95 EUR 449.95
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Modern industrial design wooden sideboard for the kitchen Portland

EUR 529.95 EUR 659.95
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Sideboards and cupboards are furnishing accessories that find their natural place in the living area of ​​a home.

Usually positioned in the kitchen or living room, these pieces of furniture perform an important function: they are in fact intended to accommodate everything that needs to be stored, such as glasses, plates, tablecloths and much more. Sideboards and cupboards therefore contribute to increasing the order of the rooms, offering useful space for arranging all those objects that, once used, can be safely put back in their place.

But what is the substantial difference between sideboard and sideboard? The crux lies in the height: the first, in fact, is generally lower than the second, defined by a more vertical than horizontal development.

These furnishing accessories therefore perform a "container" function: therefore, behind the doors there must be an optimized space equipped with shelves. In addition to the internal capacity, another factor must also be considered: these furniture can be comfortably used as a support surface and it is possible to host a television, ornamental plants, ornaments or any other furnishing object on them.

Choosing a sideboard or sideboard with a modern and refined design means adding a touch of class to your home and, for this reason, ProduceShop has selected the best models, characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio and made with first choice materials.