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Wellness and Spa
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Inflatable hydromassage with 3 seats 170x66cm Bestway Lay-Z SPA St....

EUR 649.95 EUR 719.95
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Inflatable hydromassage 180x66cm Lay-Z spa Helsinki Airjet 7-seater...

EUR 999.95 EUR 1,129.95
In stock

Inflatable 6-seater hydromassage 180x66cm Lay-Z spa Ibiza AirJet Bestway...

EUR 729.95 EUR 829.95
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Inflatable hydromassage Lay-Z SPA Miami Airjet Bestway 4 places 180x66cm...

EUR 629.95 EUR 899.95
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Inflatable hot tub Lay-Z SPA Palm Springs Airjet for 6 people by Bestway...

EUR 659.95 EUR 929.95
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Round 2-4 seater inflatable spa whirlpool 180x66cm Cancun Airjet Lay-z...

EUR 689.95 EUR 949.95
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Intex 28408 PureSpa™ Inflatable Hot Tub SPA Round 216x71cm

EUR 559.95 EUR 729.95
Out of stock

Intex 28454 Jet & Bubble Deluxe Inflatable Hot Tub SPA Round 201x71

EUR 944.95 EUR 1,039.95
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Bestway 54173 Lay Z Maldive Inflatable Hot Tub SPA Hydro Massage

EUR 1,279.95 EUR 1,499.95
Out of stock

Bestway 54189 Inflatable Spa Bubble Massage Hot Tub With AirJet Helsinki...

EUR 874.95 EUR 929.95
Out of stock

Our inflatable saunas and whirlpools offer high quality, professional features to always provide maximum relaxation. Our products are suited for any kind of situation: home, garden, terrace and patio. Ready for the true meaning of relax?

Our inflatable saunas and whirlpools are products designed and created to maximize relaxation, free yourself from daily fatigue and improve your physical appearance. Feeling pampered while having your own station dedicated to wellness, all in the absolute tranquility of your home or garden - this is what you need to be able to find peace of mind.

Some of the benefits that you can obtain are: relaxation of tense muscles, relieving rheumatism, reduced respiratory system fatigue and finally imporved skin tone and elasticity with the consequent loss of cellulite .

ProduceShop is the first official dealer of the Intex brand, a brand with great experience and in-depth knowledge of swimming pools and water filtration. These American products are characterized by having an exceptional resistance to wear, a high level of comfort and durability over time. Our SPA models come in different sizes and with different characteristics; in addition we also provide accessories and add-ons for existing products.