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    Roof boxes for cars


Roof boxes for cars

Roof boxes for cars
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Universal roof box for cars 320 liters Menabò Marathon Dark

EUR 194.95 EUR 289.95
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Roof box for car trunk 460 liters universal Menabò Marathon Dark

EUR 264.95 EUR 359.95
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Universal roof box for cars 320 liters Carbon Look

EUR 144.95 EUR 239.95
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Universal roof box for cars 480 liters Carbon Look

EUR 264.95 EUR 349.95
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Universal roof box for cars 400 liters Menabò Marathon Dark

EUR 214.95 EUR 299.95
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When leaving for a vacation in your car the question always arises: where am I going to put all these things?

Often, havinf a large trunk does not mean that you have enough space to hold the whole family's suitcases or specialized sports equipment such as skis, bikes, scuba gear or camping kits.

Nowadays there are multiple solutions to solve the problem of having to load luggage in the passenger compartment, but one above all is the most convincing: the universal roof box for cars.

The universal roof box for cars represents the most versatile and practical solution for transporting luggage as it allows for extra load capacity placed on the roof. This facilitates travel by ensuring more space in the passenger compartment and makes driving the driver much safer.

Our models lend themselves to different needs and can vary in design, size, load capacity and mounting method: this is done quickly by attaching to the roof bars of the car positioned on the roof, which are generally sold separately, and which provide the basis for the installation and fixing of the trunk.

A universal roof box for cars is essential especially if the whole family is leaving together.

Here you will find the best universal roof boxes for cars, selected exclusively for your transport needs, considering the latest market trends and international standards.