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Every single relax armchair designed by Le Roi du Relax is the result of an accurate and careful research that joins many branches together: safety, ergonomics, functionality, design and quality.

Take care and improve the quality of your free time, decorating your beloved interiors with a high-quality, modern relax armchair to lean back and wind down at any time of day. Wellness and comfort together in one single product: choose your reclining relax armchair that completely suits your needs now!

In this category Le Roi du Relax presents a wide range of reclining, upholstered, space-saving and extremely comfortable relax armchairs at unbeatable prices. Our armchairs are the perfect investment to improve your daily relax needs because everyone knows it: wellness and mental health are priceless!

Sitting down and standing up became harder and harder? Thanks to its manual reclining system, our prestigious Le Roi du Relax relax armchair is the ultimate solution to your problems. Let yourself be cuddled by the smooth and soft upholstery and totally enjoy your relaxing moments watching TV or resting. During a break at work or in the evening, any moment is perfect for enjoying some relax!

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ALIce Recliner Relax Chair with Footrest made of Eco Leather

EUR 159.95 EUR 239.95
In stock

Lucrezia Recliner Chair with Footrest made of Soft Microfibre

EUR 169.95 EUR 259.95
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GIULIA Recliner Relax Chair with integrated Footrest made of...

EUR 169.95 EUR 269.95
In stock

Aurora Relax Armchair with Footrest made of High-Quality Eco Leather

EUR 184.95 EUR 254.95
Out of stock

SOFIA Recliner Swing Armchair with Footrest

EUR 209.95 EUR 269.95
Out of stock

GIORGIA Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair with Back Wheels

EUR 309.95 EUR 349.95
In stock

Emma Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair with Back Wheels

EUR 319.95 EUR 369.95
In stock

Electric fabric reclining relaxation armchair with lifter MARIE

EUR 309.95 EUR 369.95
Out of stock

Electric leather reclining relaxation armchair with lifter ELIZAbETH

EUR 299.95 EUR 359.95
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Reclining leather relax armchair with rocking motion and 360 rotation...

EUR 269.95 EUR 339.95
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