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Podiatry Armchairs
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The podiatry and beauty armchairs are ideal for pedicures, podiatry treatments and face/body treatments. Our chairs will allow you to optimally perform any treatment to which the customer is subjected, always providing maximum comfort to the user.

Offering the best podiatry experience to your clients is essential to grow professionally; in fact, whether you work in a beauty salon and spa massages or individually from your own home, it is essential to have the best products that will allow you to work and satisfy your customers in the best possible way.

The podiatry/pedicure and aesthetic armchairs are essential for guaranteeing podiatry and body treatments, giving users the possibility to move freely without obstacles, and allowing customers to relaxi during the treatment. The podiatry armchairs that ProduceShop offers you, also called pedicure chairs, can be of different types; for example, most of these aesthetic armchairs have heated foot baths offering the possibility of carrying out a hydro massage of the lower limbs so as to simplify the work for the beautician and provide the customer with an incredible experience. In fact, these podiatry chairs use plantar reflexology, a healing technique based on foot massage as a strategy for restoring the energy balance of the whole organism.

All our chairs are height adjustable and allow for 360 degree rotation; they are also designed with padding to ensure extra relaxation.

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Pedicure podiatry and foot massage chair station IDRO PULP

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