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Playhouses for Toddlers & Kids
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Have you been planning to buy a playhouse for your little one? It's arguably the best thing you can get for your child.

A playhouse will give your loved one his or her place to let their imaginations run wild. With most parents struggling to keep their children active due to video games and tablets, a playhouse makes a great hideout outdoors where children can get physical with siblings and friends.

Child development experts agree that outdoor playhouses are excellent tools for encouraging autonomous playing among children. They learn valuable life skills in the process, said skills of which include conflict resolution, negotiation, and decision-making and problem-solving.

ProduceShop's playhouses for kids are built to withstand the elements for years, large enough to accommodate older kids, and most importantly, grow with your child. Our playhouses come in different styles, but whether plastic or wooden, there are great options for everyone in this list, and for all budgets.

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CASA MIA Plastic Indoor & Outdoor Playhouse For Kids

EUR 129.95 EUR 174.95

Children's playhouse Royal Castle by Intex 45642

EUR 34.95 EUR 39.95

Plastic Playhouse for Children Garden HAPPY HOUSE Feber

EUR 119.95 EUR 199.95

Plastic Playhouse for Children Garden FANTASY HOUSE Feber

EUR 139.95 EUR 219.95

Garden play house for children MULTI ACTIVITY HOUSE Feber

EUR 179.95 EUR 259.95

Casa Plastic playhouse for children CANDY HOUSE Feber

EUR 339.95 EUR 399.95

Plastic play house for children GRANDE VILLA Feber

EUR 389.95 EUR 479.95