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Plastic Playhouses for Kids
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A plastic playhouse is all you need to enliven your outdoor spaces, but also your indoor.

Our kids playhouses are not just incredibly fun to play with, but they are also a lively and colourful solution for any rooom of your house. Of course, our plastic and inflatable playhouses are all perfectly safe and certified. Assembling them our playhouses is also very easy, and you can find that instructions are provided with the package and also that you won't need any tools. Once assembled, you'll realise how light and smart they are, so that they will not get in the way and need much space.. In addition, thanks to their plastic structure (with no metal parts) they are not only 100% safe, but they don't even require any maintenance on your part. Your children will love it and have fun with it, while you can just relax through the laughter.

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CASA MIA Plastic Indoor & Outdoor Playhouse For Kids

EUR 129.95 EUR 174.95

Children's playhouse Royal Castle by Intex 45642

EUR 34.95 EUR 39.95

Inflatable boxing ring and gloves for kids Intex 48250

EUR 119.95 EUR 159.95

Intex 48259 Jump-O-Lene bouncy castle for children

EUR 67.95 EUR 144.95

Intex 57502 Inflatable basket to play basketball for children

EUR 39.95 EUR 49.95

Inflatable Slide Water Pool for Children Intex 57469 Surf'n'Slide

EUR 94.95 EUR 152.95

Intex 56280 Inflatabull Inflatable Ride On for the Pool or Beach

EUR 74.95 EUR 134.95

Bestway 53068 inflatable kiddie pool for kids with games

EUR 67.95 EUR 139.95

Intex 57135 Dinoland inflatable paddling pool play center

EUR 59.95 EUR 129.95

Intex 57453 Rainbow Ring Inflatable Paddling Pool for Children

EUR 59.95 EUR 128.95

Bestway 53052 inflatable kiddie pool with aquarium theme

EUR 47.95 EUR 117.95

Intex 57444 Dinosaur Play Center paddling inflatable pool with sprinkler

EUR 49.95 EUR 119.95

Bestway 54122 inflatable kiddie paddling pool basketball set

EUR 44.95 EUR 116.95

Intex 58507 Inflatable Goal for the Pool to Play Water Polo

EUR 29.95 EUR 49.95

Bestway 54125 inflatable kiddie paddling pool with volleyball set

EUR 39.95 EUR 49.95

Bestway 53041 Inflatable Kiddie Pool Pirate Ship

EUR 39.95 EUR 49.95

Intex 57441 Unicorn Inflated Paddling Pool for Children

EUR 39.95 EUR 49.95

Plastic Playhouse for Children Garden HAPPY HOUSE Feber

EUR 119.95 EUR 199.95

Plastic Playhouse for Children Garden FANTASY HOUSE Feber

EUR 139.95 EUR 219.95

Garden play house for children MULTI ACTIVITY HOUSE Feber

EUR 179.95 EUR 259.95

Casa Plastic playhouse for children CANDY HOUSE Feber

EUR 339.95 EUR 399.95

Plastic play house for children GRANDE VILLA Feber

EUR 389.95 EUR 479.95