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Office furniture

Office furniture
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Racing Style Office Chair with Ergonomic Design Adjustable Height Eco...

EUR 129.95 EUR 164.95
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Professional Stool with Wheels Backrest and Adjustable Height Lux

EUR 79.95 EUR 99.95
In stock

Ergonomic Office Chair with Racing Design for Working Gaming in Eco...

EUR 119.95 EUR 169.95
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Kneeling Chair Ergonomic Postural Balancesteel

EUR 84.95 EUR 139.95
In stock

Sofa Chair Patchwork Scandinavian Padded Living Offices Patchy

EUR 234.95 EUR 294.95
In stock

White Glossy 2 Drawers 1 Door Dresser with a Natural Oak Base

EUR 244.95 EUR 334.95
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Multifunctional 6 Drawers 3 Doors Dresser for your Living Room Kitchen...

EUR 557.95 EUR 619.95
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White Bedroom Storage Dresser 4 Drawers 2 Doors Cubbies Kitchen Living Room

EUR 339.95 EUR 489.95
In stock

Professional office furniture for your workplace and your home, the best choice for those who look for the best functionality and performance on the market.

In our Office Furniture catalog you can find any kind of product necessary for optimising your own working place or private studio, giving it a small touch of functional design

We have personally selected many brands that are benchmarks in this sector; thanks to a close relationship between their specialists and ProduceShop staff, we can provide the very best for everyday work.
Solid treated wood, ergonomic solutions, perspirant fabric and high-quality finishes make the ProduceShop Office Furniture one of the most functional and long-lasting selections on the market.

Our huge range of professional products will fulfill any working need and make your workdays more efficient and comfortable.

Discover all products and solutions for your business or your private studio. Find the best combinations of furniture for your office to add personality and satisfy your taste.