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Office furniture
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Office professional furniture for workplace and home, the best choice for who look for the best functionality and performance on market.

In our Office Furniture catalog you can find any kind of article necessary for the preparation of your own working place or private studio, giving it a small touch of functional design, which is the main feature of all our products in this category.
We have personally selected many brands that are benchmarks in this sector, thanks to a close relationship between specialists and ProduceShop staff, who knows exactly what means to give the best everyday at work.
Solid treated wood, ergonomic solutions, perspirant fabric and high-quality finish make the ProduceShop Office Furniture one of the most functional and long-lasting catalog on market, consisted of a range of professional products that will fulfill any working need and make your workdays more efficient and comfortable.

Discover all products and solutions for your business or your private studio. Find the best combinations of furniture for your workplace which fit perfectly your needs and tastes.

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RACE Ergonomic Office Chair

EUR 119.95 EUR 159.95

Sofa Chair Patchwork Scandinavian Padded Living Offices PATCHY

EUR 219.95 EUR 294.95

Computer Office Corner Desk Writing Study Table File Cabinet SCHEMA

EUR 439.95 EUR 539.95

White wood bookcase with 3 tier shelves adjustable in height EASYBOOK

EUR 119.95 EUR 159.95

Dresser 4 Drewers With Castors White Base Oak Modern Design LUDO

EUR 279.95 EUR 399.95

Computer Office Desk Writing Study Table Made Of Wood 3 Compartments And...

EUR 229.95 EUR 279.95

Low Modern Bookcase Real Wood 3 Tier Shelves Modern Design for Office...

EUR 129.95 EUR 189.95

Dresser White Glossy 2 Drawers 1 Door Bedroom Natural Oak Base

EUR 229.95 EUR 334.95

Computer Office Desk Writing Study Table Oak Sliding Door And Drewers CORE

EUR 239.95 EUR 289.95

Low white bookcase recycled wood 3 tier shelves adjustable in height...

EUR 139.95 EUR 194.95

Racing Office Chair with Ergonomic Design PRO

EUR 119.95 EUR 179.95

Dresser Multifunctional Living Room Kitchen Bedroom 6 Drawers 3 Doors

EUR 527.95 EUR 619.95

Computer Office Desk Writing Study Table Oak Effect Modern Design PRATICO

EUR 219.95 EUR 269.95

Modular Sectional Bookcase Narrow Bookshelf 6 Tier Shelves Real Wood...

EUR 249.95 EUR 284.95

Bedroom Storage Dresser White 4 Drewers 2 Doors Cubbies Kitchen Living Room

EUR 319.95 EUR 489.95

Computer Office Desk Study Table Oak Upper Plate Drawer And Door Modern...

EUR 209.95 EUR 269.95

Mini Dresser White Chest of Drawers with 3 Deep Drawers Casters Modern...

EUR 139.95 EUR 204.95

Nightstand Bedside Table Made Of White Wood Drewer Door Castors Modern...

EUR 99.95 EUR 142.95

Computer Office Desk Study Table Wooden Cement Effect Design PRATICO

EUR 189.95 EUR 254.95

Low Wide Bookcase Bookshelf Real Wood 3 Tier Shelves for Office Studio...

EUR 139.95 EUR 194.95

Racing Design Office Chair in Black & Orange Faux Leather GP

EUR 119.95 EUR 159.95

Wooden Bookcase Bookshelf 12 Compartments Equipped With Sliding Door...

EUR 449.95 EUR 579.95

Low Bookcase Wooden Storage Unit 3 Adjustable Tief Shelves for Office...

EUR 139.95 EUR 194.95

TV Stand Home Furniture Multi-purpose White Cement Effect Sliding Door

EUR 319.95 EUR 399.95

Glossy White Office Desk Modern Design for Office Study COLIBRI

EUR 189.95 EUR 239.95

Modular Bookcase Wooden Bookshelf 3 Tier Shelves Modern Design Office...

EUR 139.95 EUR 204.95

Bookcase Bookshelf Storage Unit High 6 Shelves Grey Natural Oak Office...

EUR 289.95 EUR 349.95

Office24 Large Office Desk Wood Modern Design Truffle Oak for Study Home...

EUR 179.95 EUR 224.95

Bookcase with 6 Tier Shelves Storage Unit White Wood for Office Living...

EUR 229.95 EUR 274.95

FANTASY Gaming Chair for Office and Professional Use

EUR 179.95 EUR 299.95

Bookcase Bookshelf 3 Shelves And Door Grey Natural Oak Design CORE

EUR 189.95 EUR 259.95

Office24 Grey Office Desk with Metal Legs for Study Home METALDESK

EUR 299.95 EUR 334.95

Grey Cement Effect Bookcase Storage Modern Design for Study Office 6...

EUR 229.95 EUR 274.95

ELDIABLO X Ergonomic Sporty Gaming Chair for Office and Studio

EUR 179.95 EUR 299.95

Glossy White Desk Large Office Desk Study Home GHOST-DESK

EUR 319.95 EUR 419.95

Tall Bookcase narrow Bookshelf 6 Tier Shelves White Wood TOWER

EUR 199.95 EUR 244.95

CODE Ergonomic Gaming Chair for Office Videogames and Studio

EUR 179.95 EUR 299.95

L-Shaped Corner Office Desk Home Office with Drawers for Study RAFFAELLO

EUR 419.95 EUR 504.95

Bookcase Tall Narrow Bookshelf with 6 Tier Shelves Grey BIG BEN

EUR 179.95 EUR 229.95

Office Desk with Drawers L-Shaped Corner Desk glossy white colour GLASSY

EUR 419.95 EUR 504.95

Modern Wooden Bookcase Narrow Bookshelf 6 Tier Shelves Grey HART

EUR 179.95 EUR 234.95

Kneeling Ergonomic Office Chair Swedish BALANCEWOOD

EUR 79.95 EUR 159.95