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Comfortable and durable chairs to decorate your office with personality and style

Racing Sport is a leading brand in office chairs and they offer new and dynamic solution for your office. With ergonomyc designs and smart solutions, designed with a classy stylish look which is derived and improved from the racecars world, these office chairs provide comfort as well as a truly unique design. There are many similar models on the market, but these are the original and best-selling chairs, as the value for money is really unbeatable. Available in perforated faux-leather or breathable fabric according to the models, these chairs can be the best solution for your office or an original item for studios and apartments.

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RACE Ergonomic Office Chair

EUR 119.95 EUR 159.95

Racing Office Chair with Ergonomic Design PRO

EUR 119.95 EUR 179.95

Racing Design Office Chair in Black & Orange Faux Leather GP

EUR 119.95 EUR 159.95

Wooden Rocking Chair Padded and Ergonomic RELAX

EUR 99.95 EUR 149.95

Kneeling Ergonomic Office Chair Swedish BALANCEWOOD

EUR 79.95 EUR 159.95

Kneeling Chair Ergonomic Postural BALANCESTEEL

EUR 79.95 EUR 139.95

CODE Ergonomic Gaming Chair for Office Videogames and Studio

EUR 179.95 EUR 299.95

ELDIABLO X Ergonomic Sporty Gaming Chair for Office and Studio

EUR 179.95 EUR 299.95

FANTASY Gaming Chair for Office and Professional Use

EUR 179.95 EUR 299.95