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Modular metal shelves
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Stark has designed and built for individuals and companies a line of shelves perfect for organizing their tools, utensils or products in an orderly manner.

Stark metal shelves are designed and manufactured with high quality materials to ensure the end customer a robust, durable and stable product, able to accommodate heavyweight material without affecting the stability and strength of the metal structure.
The line of shelves includes models of different sizes perfect for both private and professional use, also all the shelves can be assembled both vertically and horizontally, to allow customers with spice limits to store their products in an orderly manner.
Choosing a Stark brand shelf means relying on an innovative and efficient company, able to understand the real needs of customers and manufacture/distribute products of professional level at competitive prices.

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Metal shelf racks 5 shelves 180x90x40cm 950 Kg ELEMENT XL

EUR 107.95 EUR 199.95

Metal shelf with racks 160x80x40 cm with 5 shelves 950 Kg ELEMENT L

EUR 51.95 EUR 139.95

Shelf with metal racks 150x70x30 cm 5 racks 950 kg ELEMENT

EUR 49.95 EUR 129.95