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Intex 66810 inflatable bed for kids and children

EUR 54.95 EUR 124.95
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Intex 67770 Inflatable Queen Size Mattress with Built In Pump

EUR 69.95 EUR 144.95
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Bean Bag Chair for Outdoors and Indoors Waterproof

EUR 89.95 EUR 94.95
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Intex 64124 Inflatable Double Bed with Pump Added Height

EUR 59.95 EUR 127.95
In stock

Intex 64136 Inflatable Double Mattress with Extra Height and Pump

EUR 64.95 EUR 124.95
In stock

Intex 59631 Repair Patches in PVC to repair inflatables

EUR 34.95 EUR 39.95
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Intex 56287 Mega Swan Large ridable Inflatable Island for Pool and Beach...

EUR 54.95 EUR 59.95
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Intex 64122 Inflatable Single Mattress with Integrated Pump Added Height

EUR 54.95 EUR 114.95
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Intex 64132 Inflatable Single Mattress with Thermal Isolation and...

EUR 59.95 EUR 114.95
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Intex 57250 Peacock Island Inflatable Ride for the Pool or Beach

EUR 42.95 EUR 49.95
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More and more people fall prey to the stress of daily work and it's becoming increasingly important to be able to carve out some time for personal peace. But relaxing does not just mean spending hours doing nothing, it means above all being comfortable with yourself, practicing a hobby, exercising sport, traveling and visiting the world with your family, being in contact with nature.

In the society we live in, a lack of exercise is one of the greatest health risks. Practicing sports for a few minutes a day removes the risk of heart problems and significantly reduces the symptoms of stress. Being able to train at home is a great convenience: thanks to home fitness you can concentrate on physical activity without worrying about reaching the gym and without having to pay an expensive annual subscription. For setting up a custom home gym, we offer professional tools that can adapt to any domestic space such as treadmills, walking pads, reclining benches and multifunctional tools ideal for practicing healthy sport in the comfort of your home.

Anyone who sits at a desk for a long time is familiar with the problems of stiff muscles, neck and back pain. In these cases, a relaxing massage is the ideal remedy to loosen the muscles: try our comfortable massage beds, create your own wellness oasis at home and give your body a renewed vitality.

Having free time also means having the opportunity to travel and get to know the world while moving around in total comfort, for this, there is nothing better than a trolley. Suitable for those who often travel by plane, the hand luggage trolley is the best choice to directly board the cabin avoiding the long check in lines. Most people go on vacation to spend time with their family, so a set of suitcases is the ideal solution when you are planning a long trip and need more space, suitable for carrying all your clothes, children's toys and personal items without leaving anything at home. In this way, free time and holidays will become a liberating and fun experience that will allow you to recharge your energy and spirit.

In this category you will find a wide range of exclusive products dedicated to leisure and well-being, such as sports products, massage beds, trolleys and many other products that will accompany you in moments of relaxation and fun.