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    Kitchen trolleys

Kitchen trolleys

Kitchen trolleys
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3-shelf metal food trolley with wheels Sall

EUR 59.95 EUR 99.95
In stock

Folding kitchen trolley with 3 shelves and wheels Pikas

EUR 59.95 EUR 74.95
In stock

Folding kitchen trolley with 3 shelves, handle and wheels Pikas Plus

EUR 64.95 EUR 84.95
In stock

Are you looking for a simple and smart way to always have everything you need to prepare your dishes at hand? Just choose a kitchen trolley, the perfect addition to organize dishes, utensils or condiments that will accompany you in the dining room or out in the garden with everything you need for a great meal!

In addition to being easy to move where you want thanks to the sliding wheels, the kitchen trolleys offer an extra surface for smaller objects or decorative ones, which is why they are indispensable not only in the kitchen for the kitchenette, but also in the dining room. as a lunch box, in the bathroom or in the bedroom for accessories and linen, where it will make the organization of spaces in the house even easier and more functional.

Choose one of the many kitchen trolleys in our assortment: folding, space-saving, on wheels or with fixed feet and equipped with shelves, shelves, drawers, bottle holders ... you will never want to do without!