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The kitchen and dining room are the heart of the house. These are the environments where we meet with the family to enjoy meals together, to celebrate special occasions and entertain ourselves with friends.

The dining room is the environment where almost all domestic work is concentrated and some of the first aspects to consider when furnishing or designing this environment is functionality and practicality. While choosing furniture for a dining room one must be focused not only on the aesthetic aspect, but must have the right balance between hospitality and usability: if you want a beautiful dining room, you must not forget its main function, to welcome guests. in the most comfortable way possible.

Dining room furniture is undoubtedly determined by the the singles pieces: the dining table, the protagonist of the design, which decides the character of the setting with its shape and size; the chairs, which can be combined with the style of the table or follow a more eclectic style; and finally the other complementary furnishing elements such as the sideboard which is always useful with its compartments to house various kitchen ameneties.

Thanks to our wide selection it will be possible to furnish and customize the dining room as you wish: if space is not one of your problems, opt for a large rectangular table that can accommodate more people, if instead you prefer to furnish with a more optimized style, create a coherent set of matching table and chairs or, if you are a lover of moder design, you can choose between various compositions of contemporary design.

Take a look at the catalog, our collection will be able to respond to any style need and will help you find the right solution to enjoy your dining room in a more pleasant way.

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Multifunctional 6 Drawers 3 Doors Dresser for your Living Room Kitchen...

EUR 527.95 EUR 619.95
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White Bedroom Storage Dresser 4 Drawers 2 Doors Cubbies Kitchen Living Room

EUR 319.95 EUR 489.95
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Modern industrial design wooden sideboard for kitchen HOUSTON

EUR 379.95 EUR 449.95
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Modern industrial design wooden sideboard for the kitchen PORTLAND

EUR 529.95 EUR 659.95
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White Glossy 2 Drawers 1 Door Dresser with a Natural Oak Base

EUR 229.95 EUR 334.95
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Modern minimal design 4-step wooden ladder holder STAIRWAY

EUR 69.95 EUR 99.95
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Sideboard modern design white and oak wood for living room kitchen TALEA

EUR 309.95 EUR 379.95
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Sideboard modern design gray and white lacquered for living room kitchen...

EUR 309.95 EUR 379.95
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Industrial style chest of drawers for living room and bedroom MELBOURNE

EUR 319.95 EUR 389.95
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Modern chest of drawers for living room and bedroom OTTAVIA

EUR 219.95 EUR 289.95
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