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Kitchen and Bar Stools
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Swivel stools with a stylish design, perfectly suited for pubs, bars, clubs and kitchens. Strong and durable, yet comfortable and classy.

Here you can browse our range of kitchen and pub stools for decorating your business, or even your own kitchen with a nice touch of style. Certified for professional use, they all show a nice looking Italian design, but they are all also practical and convenient, a perfect value for money.

Ergonomical and durable, our stools are the best bargain for anyone willing to decorate a public business with sttyle while saving budget for better uses. Made using steel, alluminium, and eco-leather, they are heigh-adjustable and come with a comfy footrest.

You won't find a more comfortable sit or a smartest solution that combines class and durability at such a price!

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ATLANTA Height Adjustable Swivel Cuban Bar Stool With Backrest

EUR 42.95 EUR 79.95
In stock

LAS VEGAS Bar Stool With Armrests & Footrest Barbershop Style

EUR 49.95 EUR 84.95
In stock

Seattle Backless Height Adjustable Children Stool

EUR 32.95 EUR 64.95
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DALLAS Bottle Cap Design Stool For Bar & Kitchen Counter

EUR 41.95 EUR 74.95
In stock

MINNEAPOLIS Modern Design Stool For Kitchens & Bars

EUR 50.95 EUR 89.95
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SPIDER Bar Stool With Innovative Modern Design By Grand Soleil

EUR 79.95 EUR 104.95
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Florida Kitchen & Bar Swivel Stool With Adjustable Height And Footrest

EUR 46.95 EUR 89.95
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SAN FRANCISCO Height Adjustable Vintage Design Swivel Stool

EUR 39.95 EUR 74.95
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