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    Kayaks boats and dinghies

Kayaks boats and dinghies
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Fun, relaxation, adrenaline and adventure. All this can be enjoyed on the water only with the right boat, one that is able to guarantee comfort and due safety in the water.

An inflatable kayak, for example, is the perfect companion for navigating any body of fresh or salt water, and for those who love to venture out on long excursions in the open air, to reach otherwise inaccessible coves or to discover pristine places in the bay. They are available with different fairings suitable for different situations and contexts, from the most profiled models with the triangular tip to paddle with power and speed on the water, to those with the raised tip to better cushion the shocks of the waves. Some models can be single seat to allow you to enjoy the pleasure of discovery alone, or two-seaters to share it with whoever you want. They are all specially designed to ensure comfort even when there is more than one person paddling. On board of our kayaks, ergonomics and comfort are never lacking and they have the advantage of being able to be comfortably slipped into the backpack once deflated.

Among our many offer for inflatable boats, you can choose an inflatable boat, ideal for turning your holiday into an adventure or for a weekend of relaxation at the lake, river or sea. With their capacity it is possible to bring everything you need on board for a nice trip to the open sea with the family. And what's better than going out for a fishing trip, perhaps followed by a barbecue in the company of friends? Thanks to their sturdy structure, our inflatable boats can be used as real fishing boats, also including fishing rod holders. Some models are also equipped to allow mounting of a practical electric engine to navigate faster and effortlessly.

In this section you will find a wide assortment of boats to enjoy a day of sailing in the sun. Discover our leisure time and water sport proposals that best suit your desire to row. All you have to do is choose, inflate and have fun!

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Inflatable canoe kayak Bestway Hydro-Force Ventura 65118

EUR 299.95 EUR 399.95
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Inflatable canoe kayak Bestway Hydro-Force Cove Champion 65115

EUR 149.95 EUR 239.95
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Bestway 65097 Hydro-Force Koracle inflatable kayak

EUR 129.95 EUR 199.95
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Inflatable boat Bestway 65008 Hydro-Force Neva III

EUR 159.95 EUR 259.95
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Bestway 65096 Hydro-Force Marine Pro inflatable dinghy

EUR 269.95 EUR 369.95
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Bestway Ventura 65052 Inflatable Hydro-Force Canoe Kayak 2-Person

EUR 319.95 EUR 419.95
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Bestway Hydro-Force Lite Rapid x2 65077 Inflatable Kayak Canoe 2-Person

EUR 189.95 EUR 289.95
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Intex 68367 Challenger 2 Inflatable Boat for Two People

EUR 59.95 EUR 129.95
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