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    Intex Single and Double Inflatable Airbeds

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Intex Single and Double Inflatable Airbeds

Intex Single and Double Inflatable Airbeds
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Intex 66810 inflatable bed for kids and children

EUR 54.95 EUR 124.95
In stock

Intex 67770 Inflatable Queen Size Mattress with Built In Pump

EUR 69.95 EUR 144.95
In stock

Intex 64124 Inflatable Double Bed with Pump Added Height

EUR 59.95 EUR 127.95
In stock

Intex 64136 Inflatable Double Mattress with Extra Height and Pump

EUR 64.95 EUR 124.95
In stock

Intex 59631 Repair Patches in PVC to repair inflatables

EUR 34.95 EUR 39.95
In stock

Intex 64122 Inflatable Single Mattress with Integrated Pump Added Height

EUR 54.95 EUR 114.95
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Intex 64132 Inflatable Single Mattress with Thermal Isolation and...

EUR 59.95 EUR 114.95
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Intex 64116 Inflatable Single Mattress in Fiber Tech with Pump

EUR 49.95 EUR 124.95
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Intex 64418 Inflatable Double Bed 56 cm Height with Automatic Pump

EUR 89.95 EUR 239.95
In stock

Intex 64448 Ultra Plush King-Size Inflatable Mattress Airbed With Headboard

EUR 109.95 EUR 254.95
In stock

Intex inflatable mattresses, sofas and airbeds: great comfort, smart practicality and low prices.

This category includes a wide range of Intex high-quality products at very reasonable prices.

Our line of Intex airbeds and mattresses, of which we are official distributors for the Italian and European market, definitely ensures the best value for money. Many customers buy inflatable sofas, chairs, mattresses and cushions to furnish their home, both indoors and outdoors. These products are an ideal solution for unexpected guests, or even to add an extra bed only when needed, saving valuable space.

High quality and the durable materials allows for both indoor and outdoor use, even camping and during holidays in general. These high quality products can be easily inflated and deflated and, above all, they provide maximum comfort, especially when compared to those of our competitors.

Thanks to the structure of Intex cells, special technologies employed and quality materials, these are really longer-lasting products.