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    Intex Pool Inflatable Mattresses

Intex Pool Inflatable Mattresses
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Have fun at the pool or the beach with Intex inflatable mattresses: colourful, amusing and comfortable. True head turners!

Do you like to bake in the sun, by the pool or by the beach? Try one of Intex inflatable mattresses. Their funny design and the good quality of their plastic fiber makes them a must for the summer.

Browse through our range of different shapes and models, and you will find the perfect one for you. Amusing designs to astonish friends and relatives, cozy shapes you will never want to get out of, rest assure that they are all built to last.

Inflatable and deflatable in a matter of moments, you can easily bring them with you. You can also get the proper airpump, specifically designed for these products, for an even easier setup. Jump on board and just relax all day, snoozing in the sun.

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Intex 58292 Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge for the Pool or Beach

EUR 129.95 EUR 279.95
In stock

Intex 56280 Inflatabull Inflatable Ride On for the Pool or Beach

EUR 74.95 EUR 134.95
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Intex 57281 Mega Unicorn Island Inflatable Ride for the Pool or Beach

EUR 49.95 EUR 114.95
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Intex 56286 Yellow Duck Island Inflatable Large Mattress for the Pool or...

EUR 47.95 EUR 67.95
Out of stock

Intex 56288 Mega Flamingo rideable Inflatable Island for Pool and Beach...

EUR 54.95 EUR 69.95
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Intex 56287 Mega Swan Large ridable Inflatable Island for Pool and Beach...

EUR 49.95 EUR 59.95
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Intex 58777 Milkshake inflatable floating mattress for the pool or beach...

EUR 26.95 EUR 29.95
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