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Intex Inflatables
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Intex Inflatables includes an ample range of airbeds, waterbeds and even camping equipment, some fun, others just useful.

We have a full range of Intex airbeds, such as camping mattresses and inflatable sofas, dinghies and airbeds. All our Intex inflatable mattresses ensure a high level of comfort, due to the intrinsic qualities of the plastic fiber, which is durable and meant to last over time. They can be used as air beds or as mattresses for guests and they can be easily stored, since they occupy very little space, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors, they are affordable, and above all comfortable and high quality. Some of them, as you can see browsing this category, are just plain fun, with creative and colourful looks, perfect for a day at the beach or the pool with your friends. We are Intex official dealers, we buy products directly without any intermediate step, that's why we can offer you the most affordable prices on the Internet.

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Intex 68569 Inflatable Bean Bag Pouf

EUR 34.95 EUR 39.95

Intex 66634 Portable Electric Air Pump for Mattress and Inflatables

EUR 34.95 EUR 39.95

Intex 68376 Mariner 4 Inflatable Boat Professional

EUR 299.95 EUR 324.95

Bean Bag Chair for Outdoors and Indoors Waterproof

EUR 84.95 EUR 94.95

Intex 58292 Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge for the Pool or Beach

EUR 109.95 EUR 174.95

Intex 66642 Portable Pump for Mattresses Pools Inflatables

EUR 44.95 EUR 124.95

Intex 64936 Premaire Thermalux King-Size Inflatable Mattress Airbed...

EUR 169.95 EUR 217.95

Intex 68373 Mariner 3 Inflatable Boat Professional

EUR 239.95 EUR 289.95

Intex 56897 Double Inflatable Mattress for the Pool or Beach

EUR 39.95 EUR 49.95

Bean Bag Chair for Indoors and Outdoors Waterproof Made in Italy SUMMER...

EUR 74.95 EUR 82.95

Intex 68325 Excursion 5 Inflatable Boat with Five Seats

EUR 159.95 EUR 204.95

Intex 58847 Inflatable Folding Floating Mattress with Backrest

EUR 39.95 EUR 49.95

Intex 66620 Quick Fill electric air inflator pump 220-240V

EUR 24.95 EUR 29.95

Intex 64926 King-Size Inflatable Mattress Airbed with USB-Port 152x203x46cm

EUR 129.95 EUR 189.95

Intex 68324 Excursion 4 Rubber Dinghy Inflatable Boat Four Seats

EUR 139.95 EUR 194.95

Intex 66636 ex 66626 Quick Fill electric air inflator pump 12V

EUR 27.95 EUR 49.95

Intex 64446 Inflatable double airbed with Integrated Pump Double Layers

EUR 109.95 EUR 164.95

Intex 56280 Inflatabull Inflatable Ride On for the Pool or Beach

EUR 74.95 EUR 134.95

Intex 64444 Inflatable Single Bed with Pump Extra Comfort

EUR 79.95 EUR 149.95

Intex 68697 LED Ottoman for Indoor and Outdoor Use

EUR 49.95 EUR 119.95

Bestway Ventura 65052 Inflatable Hydro-Force Canoe Kayak 2-Person

EUR 289.95 EUR 359.95

Intex 68579 Inflatable Beanless Bag Chair for Indoors and Outdoors

EUR 34.95 EUR 39.95

Intex 57281 Mega Unicorn Island Inflatable Ride On for the Pool or Beach

EUR 49.95 EUR 114.95

Intex 68306 Challenger K2 Inflatable Canoe with Two Seats

EUR 119.95 EUR 177.95

Intex 56287 Mega Swan Large Inflatable Ride On

EUR 49.95 EUR 59.95

Intex 56286 Yellow Duck Island Inflatable Large Mattress for the Pool or...

EUR 47.95 EUR 67.95

Intex 64470 Inflatable Double Bed with Increased Height and Integrated Pump

EUR 99.95 EUR 157.95

Intex 68572 Inflatable Chair with Footstool

EUR 34.95 EUR 49.95

Intex 68305 Challenger K1 Inflatable Canoe Kayak

EUR 89.95 EUR 154.95

Intex 56288 Mega Flamingo Inflatable Island for Pool and Beach Parties

EUR 54.95 EUR 69.95

Intex 68880 Splash Lounge Inflatable Chair for the Pool or the Lawn

EUR 39.95 EUR 49.95

Intex 68307 Explorer K2 Inflatable Canoe for Two People

EUR 134.95 EUR 182.95

Intex 68585 Mega Lounge Inflatable Chair

EUR 44.95 EUR 114.95

Intex 56264 Glossy Crystal Inflatable Doughnut for the Pool and Beach

EUR 24.95 EUR 34.95

Intex 58777 Milkshake inflatable floating mattress for the pool or beach...

EUR 26.95 EUR 29.95

Intex 64456 Inflatable Airbed with Integrated Automatic Pump

EUR 69.95 EUR 132.95

Bestway Hydro-Force Lite Rapid x2 65077 Inflatable Kayak Canoe 2-Person

EUR 129.95 EUR 174.95

Intex 68351 Seahawk 4 Inflatable Boat for Four People

EUR 124.95 EUR 184.95

Intex 68586 Inflatable Armchair for Outdoors and Indoors

EUR 44.95 EUR 114.95

Intex 56283 Watermellon Island Inflatable Round Mattress for the Pool or...

EUR 44.95 EUR 49.95