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    Intex Inflatable SPAs and Hot Tubs


Intex Inflatable SPAs and Hot Tubs

Intex Inflatable SPAs and Hot Tubs
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Bestway 54173 Lay Z Maldive Inflatable Hot Tub SPA Hydro Massage

EUR 1,279.95 EUR 1,499.95
Out of stock

Bestway 54189 Inflatable Spa Bubble Massage Hot Tub With AirJet Helsinki...

EUR 874.95 EUR 929.95
Out of stock

Intex 28458 Inflatable Whirlpool SPA 201x71 Jet and Bubble Deluxe

EUR 1,294.95 EUR 1,349.95
Out of stock

Intex SPA 28462 ex 28456 Octagonal inflatable hydromassage 218x71 cm

EUR 1,699.95 EUR 1,999.95
Out of stock

Intex 28428 Bubble Massage Pure Spa Inflatable Whirlpool 216x71 Cm

EUR 729.95 EUR 799.95
Out of stock

Intex 28440 Bubble Massage Pure Spa Round Inflatable Whirlpool 216x71 Cm

EUR 749.95 EUR 819.95
Out of stock

Your own personal SPA, all the luxury you can imagine at a more than affordable price.

Inflatable Hot Tubs. Yes, you heard it right. Nowdays you can have your own personal SPA, and make your days at home more spoiling than a proper vacation.

Intex is a market leader, they offer many different inflatable hot tubs, in various sizes and with various features. And yes, you can have hydro-massage as well.

Considering the high quality materials and the long product life of this inflatables, you won't find a better bargain anywhere else.

Indeed our Intex inflatable spas, unlike other products on the market which are definitely cheaper, offer better quality, both for its components and for inflatable parts. Moreover, Intex's hydro-massage system is silent, so that you can just sit back and relax, forgetting about everything else. Don't miss this opportunity, enjoy all the comfort you deserve and get one of these incredible inflatable hot tubs.