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    Intex Inflatable Paddling Pools


Intex Inflatable Paddling Pools

Intex Inflatable Paddling Pools
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Intex 57453 Rainbow Ring Inflatable Paddling Pool for Children

EUR 67.95 EUR 128.95
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Intex 57441 Unicorn Inflated Paddling Pool for Children

EUR 39.95 EUR 44.95
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Intex 57135 Dinoland inflatable paddling pool play center

EUR 69.95 EUR 129.95
Out of stock

Intex 57444 Dinosaur Play Center paddling inflatable pool with sprinkler

EUR 54.95 EUR 119.95
Out of stock

Intex 57454 Ocean Play Center inflatable sprinkling paddling pool

EUR 64.95 EUR 129.95
Out of stock

Intex 28101 Easy Set Inflatable Pool Round 183x51cm

EUR 43.95 EUR 54.95
Out of stock

Intex 56475 inflatable kiddie pool with seats

EUR 59.95 EUR 127.95
Out of stock

Intex 58507 Inflatable Goal for the Pool to Play Water Polo

EUR 34.95 EUR 49.95
Out of stock

Intex inflatable paddling pools, a smart and easy solution for your kids to have fun without spending big.

Intex inflatable pools offer you the chance to liven up your garden or backyard for the joy of your kids. You won't be spending as much money for a real pool, but your kids will have fun all the same in the summer heat.

No maintenance required, no work to be done, just fill it with water and kids, and you'll see what fun is about.

You can pick your favourite from all the different ones, from a simple square or round one, to the more complex ones that even come fit with slides. The high quality material will last over time, so that you can use it many summers to come. All of our inflatable pools are perfectly safe and certified.

What are you waiting for? Get one and take advantage of our best price and free delivery!