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    Intex Above Ground Pools

Intex Above Ground Pools
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Intex above ground pools are long lasting, reliable, luxury products at welcoming price.

Made from premium, high quality materials, all Intex above ground pools are designed to last.

Indeed, all these products are certified and, compared to the products of our competitors, are designed with more attention to materials and details. If you compare them to similar products from other no name competitors, you can easily see why Intex above-ground pools are much more robust, durable and comfortable.

If you just want to relax in your garden, enjoy the sun and swim on sunny summer days, choose the quality of an Intex outdoor pool. You won't regret it.

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Intex 26368 ex 26362 Ultra XTR Premium Frame Above Ground Rectangular...

EUR 1,289.95 EUR 1,499.95
In stock

Intex 26378 ex 26376 XL Ultra XTR Frame Above Ground Pool Rectangular...

EUR 1,649.95 EUR 1,799.95
In stock

Intex 26702 ex 28702 Prism Frame Above Ground Pool Round 305x76cm

EUR 139.95 EUR 229.95
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Intex 26716 Prism Frame Above Ground Round Pool 366x99cm

EUR 289.95 EUR 419.95
In stock

Intex 26720 Prism Frame Round Above Ground Pool 427x107cm

EUR 319.95 EUR 429.95
In stock

Intex 26724 ex 26734 Prism Frame Round Above Ground Pool 457x107 cm

EUR 339.95 EUR 459.95
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