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Inflating pumps
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Electric air pumps are a useful aid to inflate various objects with no effort. Some of our models also offer a rechargeable battery to make inflating camping mattresses, air beds or swimming pools even more practical.

Some of our inflatable products, carefully selected by ProduceShop according to the quality and reliability of the components, are equipped with adapters and sockets for cigarette lighters; this way, you can connect the pump to your car and inflate everything you need.

In short, an electric air pump helps you to quickly inflate a large number of objects: inflatable pools for children, air mattresses or life jackets, armbands, inflatables, car tires, bicycle tires, air mattresses for guests and much more.

Don't waste time, browse through ProduceShop's catalogue of inflating pumps and choose the one that best suits your needs!

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Intex 66634 Portable Electric Air Pump for Mattress and Inflatables

EUR 34.95 EUR 39.95
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Intex 66642 Portable Pump for Mattresses, Pools and Inflatables

EUR 44.95 EUR 124.95
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Intex 66620 Quick Fill electric air inflator pump 220-240V

EUR 24.95 EUR 29.95
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Intex 66636 ex 66626 Quick Fill electric air inflator pump 12V

EUR 27.95 EUR 49.95
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