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ProduceShop is one of the biggest online e-Commerce specialised in interior and exterior decoration in Italy and Europe. With a unique and incomparable style, for over twenty years it has produced and delivered furnishing components, accessories, lighting products, above ground pools, games, beach items, and much more.

The Focus category  includes a wide range of more than a thousand products (an amount that is constantly increasing) made of top-quality materials in pursuit of a single goal: offering design solutions with the best possible price/quality ratio so as to turn the indoor and outdoor spaces into welcoming places, with an incomparable care for details, elegance and customisation. The large selection of indoor and outdoor furniture has always been ProduceShop's main asset.

All the collections available for sale on the website keep a skilled craftsmanship while constantly adapting to the evolving trends with innovations in shapes and materials. The guidelines on which ProduceShop's research and development is based are the quality and resistance of its products created to fully satisfy the needs of any customer. By virtue of these criteria, we select the best materials, we design the furniture and accessories, and we put them into production. Thanks to the latest technology, the careful selection of raw materials and craftsmanship, ProduceShop's products are able to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

ProduceShop also deals with the design and production of office furniture made of classic and minimal lines but with all the hallmarks of functionality and convenience, in line with the customers' requirements and preferences. 

Discover the wide Focus category and enjoy the infinite range of exclusive products made by ProduceShop: quality is just a click away!

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Design Fabric Sofa Bed 2 Seater for Living Room Modern Couch LARIMAR

EUR 119.95 EUR 179.95
In stock

Electric reclining relaxation armchair with fabric lifter MARIE for...

EUR 299.95 EUR 359.95
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Design Sofa 2 Seats in Fabric for Living Waiting Room RUBINO

EUR 249.95 EUR 299.95
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Reclining electric relaxation armchair with people lift in leatherette...

EUR 299.95 EUR 359.95
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Dining Chair for Kitchen Home Bar Polypropylene Design RESTAURANT

EUR 34.95 EUR 52.95
In stock

Sofa Bed 2 Seats in Fabric Modern Design GEMMA

EUR 119.95 EUR 199.95
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Relaxing reclining armchair with rocking chair and 360 rotation in SISSI...

EUR 249.95 EUR 319.95
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DETROIT Bar & Kitchen Cuban Stool With Backrest And Footrest

EUR 47.95 EUR 89.95
In stock

AMETISTA 2-Seat Sofa Bed Made Of Microfibre With Velvet Effect

EUR 109.95 EUR 164.95
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Relaxing Reclinable Armchair with Fabric Footrest ANNA Design

EUR 149.95 EUR 219.95
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