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Grand Soleil Italian Chairs
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Indoor Design Chairs, Made in Italy using high quality materials. Ideals for decorating your own home or your business, such as restaurants and clubs.

Pick one of our modern polycarbonate and polypropylene chairs from the Grand Soleil collection: they are stackable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, available in different colours and shapes, and also certified for professional use. You can choose traditional colours, such as white or black, or brighter colours, such as red or acid green, or maybe you prefer transparent chairs with their elegant design. Choose your model among those available, such as the Paris and Gruvyer chair, made of polypropylene, B-Side, Femme Fatale or Cristal Light chair, all made of transparent polycarbonate.

Each model is designed for a specific environment: the Paris is ideal for kitchen and living rooms, while other models are more apt for offices, conference rooms, bars, dining rooms or restaurants. Each chair can be purchased individually or in big stocks. Our big deals are ideal for those who want to decorate their bar/club/restaurant with class but saving on the budget at the same time, and also for those who need strong, fireproof and durable chairs. Grand Soleil chairs can be used both indoor and outdoor, and they are definitely less expensive than Kartell models, while offering the same quality and an original Italian design at a much more reasonable price!

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Polypropylene Dining Chair for Kitchen Living Room Bistro Grand Soleil...

EUR 33.95 EUR 55.95

Grand Soleil Polypropylene Dining Chair Garden Outdoors Stackable...

EUR 33.95 EUR 55.95

PARIS Grand Soleil Stackable Chair For Kitchen Home Bar made of...

EUR 34.95 EUR 57.95

PARIS ARM Grand Soleil Chair with Armrests made of Polypropylene for Bar...

EUR 42.95 EUR 56.95

Kitchen and Bar Chairs Made in Italy from Grand Soleil with Modern...

EUR 32.95 EUR 64.95

ROME Grand Soleil Polypropylene Stackable Chair for Kitchen Bar

EUR 33.95 EUR 60.95

ICE Grand Soleil Stackable Chair for Kitchen and Bar made of Polypropylene

EUR 40.95 EUR 54.95

CREAM Grand Soleil Polypropylene Stackable Chair with Armrests for...

EUR 39.95 EUR 54.95

Transparent Design Chair in Polycarbonate Made in Italy for Home...

EUR 54.95 EUR 77.95

GRUVYER Stackable Chair made of Transparent Polycarbonate for Bars and...

EUR 87.95 EUR 136.95

GRUVYER Grand Soleil Stackable Chair for Kitchen and Bar made of...

EUR 36.95 EUR 54.95

BISTROT ARM Garden Stackable Poly Rattan Armchair by Grand Soleil

EUR 34.75 EUR 59.75

BOHÈME Stackable Garden Chair High-Quality Resin Rattan

EUR 28.95 EUR 55.95

BOHÈME ARM Garden Dining Chair With Armrests Rattan

EUR 31.95 EUR 54.95

Set of 24 PARIS Grand Soleil Stackable Chairs for Bars and Restaurants...

EUR 679.95 EUR 869.95

Set of 24 PARIS ARM Grand Soleil Chairs Armrests for Restaurant Bar

EUR 799.95 EUR 879.95

Set of 22 CREAM Grand Soleil Dinner Chairs Armrests Polypropylene Indoor...

EUR 869.95 EUR 899.95

Lot of 18 Transparent Design Chairs Made in Italy for Restaurants HYPNOTIC

EUR 949.95 EUR 1,239.95

18 Transparent Stacking Chairs Grand Soleil DUNE

EUR 919.95 EUR 1,229.95

Set of 16 GRUVYER Transparent Stackable Chairs for Restaurants and Bars...

EUR 1,279.95 EUR 1,399.95

Set of 22 GRUVYER Grand Soleil Stackable Chairs For Bars and Restaurants...

EUR 719.95 EUR 949.95

Set of 20 Garden Stacking Chairs with Metal Legs BOULEVARD

EUR 659.95 EUR 859.95

Set of 20 BISTROT ARM Garden Stackable Poly Rattan Armchair By Grand Soleil

EUR 579.95 EUR 759.95

Set of 20 BOHÈME Stackable Garden Chair High-Quality Resin Rattan

EUR 499.95 EUR 624.95

Set of 18 BOHÈME ARM Garden Dining Chair With Armrests Rattan

EUR 489.95 EUR 619.95