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GiraFacile Beach Umbrellas
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We took the beach parasol, a classic item that never gets out of style, and we made it even better.

GiraFacile, the innovative and patented beach umbrella, is the result of many years of experience and research; it has already been marketed all over Italy and Europe. Guaranteed even in case of wind, this mechanism allows easy, safe and fast anchorage to any type of soil thanks to its helical screw tip and its practical crank. Suitable for the beach or for your own garden, they can also be used by fishermen and campers, since our parasols are light, practical and easy to transport.

Our beach umbrellas are all manufactured with resistant and quality fabrics and, in many cases, also equipped with protection against UV rays.

GiraFacile is the true innovation for the beach.

No need to bring dangerous metal stakes anymore, GiraFacile, while being the same size of a regular parasol, will save you time and let you enjoy the beach safely and with all the comfort you always craved.

Get onetoday, and just sit back and relax.

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DIONISO GiraFacile® 180cm Patented Cotton Beach Umbrella

EUR 29.95 EUR 72.95
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PROMETHEUS GiraFacile® 180cm Beach Umbrella with UV Protection

EUR 29.95 EUR 64.95
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ARTEMIDE GiraFacile® 200cm Patented Cotton Beach Umbrella

EUR 29.95 EUR 66.95
In stock

ERMES GiraFacile® Patented Vented Beach Umbrella With UPF 158+ UV...

EUR 34.95 EUR 66.95
In stock

ZEUS GiraFacile® Beach Umbrella with removable Tent

EUR 44.95 EUR 79.95
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AEOLUS GiraFacile® 220cm Patented Aluminium Beach Umbrella with UPF 158+...

EUR 49.95 EUR 92.95
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