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Garden Parasols and Gazebos
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Garden Parasols and Gazebos to decorate the outdoor of your house with beauty and have all the shade you need for your summer relax

In this section you will find Garden parasols of various sizes and with different features, designed to protect you from the sun during the hottest hours, and giving you, on all occasions, a generous and personalised shade. Our parasols, indeed, are yes designed for your garden, but they are very well suited for beach resorts, beaches, swimming pools, farmhouses and hotels. Free arm parasols or with central pole, wall mounted parasols, and contract use parasols, all made with UV protection fabric which guarantees a shadow 7-8 °C cooler than traditional fabrics, for a wonderful al fresco dinner. Sale prices are very competitive as there are no intermediaries between us and the end users. What are you waiting for? Get your own summer shade and sit back.

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FAN Octagonal Side Arm Garden Parasol for Patio with Base

EUR 129.95 EUR 159.95

PLUTO 2 x 2 m Square Outdoor Patio Umbrella

EUR 69.95 EUR 139.95

EDEN 3 m Large Octagonal Aluminium Garden Parasol Outdoor

EUR 89.95 EUR 154.95

12 L Universal Square Patio Parasol Base Plastic Water Sand

EUR 19.95 EUR 29.95

SHADOW 2.5M Square Side Arm Parasol For Patio & Garden

EUR 129.95 EUR 159.95

MARKET 3x3M Square Pop Up Canopy

EUR 74.95 EUR 133.95

Cantilever Garden Parasol with USB Solar Charger Hexagonal 3x3 POWER

EUR 139.95 EUR 184.95

PARADISE 3 m Octagonal Cantilever Garden Parasol with Base Included

EUR 269.95 EUR 329.95

EDEN 3x2M Rectangular Garden Parasol With Aluminium Pole And...

EUR 89.95 EUR 169.95

11 kg Universal Square Concrete Base for Parasol High Quality

EUR 49.95 EUR 79.95

MARS 3x3M Square Garden Parasol

EUR 219.95 EUR 484.95

25 kg Universal Square Concrete Base for Parasol High Quality

EUR 59.95 EUR 89.95

PARADISE 2.5 m Square Cantilever Parasol Patio

EUR 279.95 EUR 294.95

PARADISE 3 x 3 m Square Offset Patio Umbrella

EUR 309.95 EUR 319.95

Universal Garden Parasol Cover Waterproof 240 x 62

EUR 49.95 EUR 114.95

Garden Cantilever Parasol with Fully Adjustable Shade Square 3x3 Canopy...

EUR 444.95 EUR 534.95

Cantilever Garden Parasol with Built In Solar LED Square 3x3m PARADISE

EUR 369.95 EUR 524.95

Large Free Arm Square Parasol 3.5 mt2 Aluminium COPENHAGEN

EUR 1,099.95 EUR 1,199.95

OSLO Cantilever Double Square Garden Parasol with Base 3 x 3

EUR 909.95 EUR 1,099.95