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    Garden and Outdoor Solar Lights


Garden and Outdoor Solar Lights

Garden and Outdoor Solar Lights
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Solar Led Streetlight 2K Lumens with Built In Panel and Sensors for...

EUR 209.95 EUR 249.95
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Solar Garden Lamp 8 Leds 100 lumen Built In Solar Panel

EUR 64.95 EUR 71.95
In stock

Solar Wall Lamp with Motion and Dusk Till Dawn Detectors 44 Leds 1K...

EUR 104.95 EUR 114.95
In stock

Solar Walkway Light 8 Leds 100 LM Internal Battery Villa

EUR 74.95 EUR 99.95
In stock

Solar Street Light with Integrated Panel and Remote Control Callisto

EUR 159.95 EUR 194.95
In stock

Solar Lamp Post 60 Leds 1500 LM Motion & Dusk Till Dawn Detectors Square

EUR 314.95 EUR 379.95
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Solar Led Streetlight 3000 Lumens with Built In Panel Motion and...

EUR 324.95 EUR 384.95
In stock

Led solar streetlight 7K Lumens for Gardens Steets Parking Lots Mazinga

EUR 644.95 EUR 749.95
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Solar Led Streetlight 5K Lumens with Built In Panel for Parking Lots...

EUR 449.95 EUR 599.95
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Led Solar Street Light 4000 lumens with integrated Solar Panel and...

EUR 389.95 EUR 469.95
In stock

Solar powered outdoor lights: environmentally friendly, efficient and affordable

To make the atmosphere of a particular evening more magical, extra lighting is the soluton. Our exterior LED solar lights are environmentally friendly, efficient and affordable.

Today you can light up your garden in a simple and intelligent way: our garden lamps and lights work without plugs or extensions, they are waterproof and automatically turn on in the dark thanks to the built-in twilight sensor. Solar powered lights are the ideal solution to illuminate zones or areas that are not easily reached by the electrical line.

We are offering several models of LED streetlights that are powered by solar panels: solar input light bulbs, spotlights, wall lights and garden solar lamps.

We have chosen to offer only high quality products at a fair price, with excellent performance and durability over time. Some of our solar lamps are equipped with additional features such as motion sensor or alarm function, for those who want to experience even more comfort and safety.