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Garden Houses
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Our garden houses perfectly fit into any open space and have lots of purposes.

They are an ideal solution for keeping your garden tidy, for your children to have fun in, or for relaxing moments during every season.

These products can also have a professional use, for example as a shed for construction sites, in which tools can be stored. On our site you can buy prefabricated structures of different types and sizes, suitable for all needs: leisure, bikes and tools storage, dinners, or even children entertainment. There are available in zinc-plated sheet-lattice storage boxes, block-sized houses with doors and windows, or large houses to be used as additional, warm, cozy and robust premises.

These outdoor cottages are rapidly expanding not only for their excellent value for money but also because they do not cause any legal headache, unlike traditional buildings. Easy to install, comfortable, strong and versatile: buy a pre built structure and immediately enrich your outdoor spaces!

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Outdoor garden shed for storage in galvanized metal MEDIUM 194x121 cm

EUR 299.95 EUR 459.95
Out of stock