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Ergonomic PC gaming desk cable management headphone holder drink holder...

EUR 109.95 EUR 224.95
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Ergonomic carbon gaming desk 120x60cm, headphone cables, drink holder...

EUR 104.95 EUR 174.95
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Ergonomic carbon gaming desk with cables for headphones and drinks...

EUR 134.95 EUR 204.95
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Ergonomic carbon LED gaming desk with headphone holder and drinks 120x60...

EUR 149.95 EUR 239.95
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Ergonomic carbon LED gaming desk for headphones and drinks 160x60cm...

EUR 179.95 EUR 269.95
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The most intense and cutting-edge video games are being played on PCs and millions of gamers around the world use them for entertainment. In addition to a good computer, however, it is also essential to have other gaming-oriented elements to better interact with the video game, such as a high resolution monitor, a comfortable mouse and last but not least, a gaming desk.

The gaming desk is designed with special features that are intended to improve gaming experience and make it much more engaging. For some it is perhaps not so important but for the most demanding gamers, and also for those who in general have a professional PC, a desk of this kind is an essential tool that allows you to live an extremely complete gaming and computing experience.

A PC videogame enthusiast usually has many accessories and peripherals, so our gaming desks include technical solutions that allow you to organize everything in the best possible way. Computer speakers, for example, which generally can take up a lot of space, can be placed on special supports integrated into the structure; in the same way, it is possible to store headphones on a practical hook, to have them always available, as well as placing drinks in a safe area to avoid the classic disaster of spilling drinks on the desk.

In addition to having space to move the mouse freely and position the keyboard and other accessories, the top of our gaming desks allows you to accommodate a large monitor ,or two of them side by side, for a wide game view that will greatly improve the gaming experience. To increase tidiness on the countertop, our desks have special perimeter holes that allow you to manage and keep all cables from the monitor, mouse, keyboard and headphones in order.

Users who spend a lot of time at the PC and want to enjoy a comfortable and practical place that is above all functional, and that does not strain the back or the eyes when standing in front of the monitor. To complete your gaming station, we have also decided to offer you an exclusive selection of ergonomic armchairs designed to guarantee a perfect gaming session. Take a look at our catalog, we are sure you will find the one that's right for you!