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    Folding Beach Loungers

Folding Beach Loungers
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Folding loungers and chairs: boost your personal relax at the beach.

Our folding lounge chairs are the perfect solution for your outdoor spaces and will meet all your different needs with efficiency and practicality, without denying comfort.

Elegant, smart, practical and easy to carry, they are perfect for the beach, for pools and even for camping. Our models are also very well suited for professional use any beach resort, hotel or countryhouse would benefit from these.

All very well made from of alluminium and washable, fresh, hygienic, quality fabrics, they are resistant to wear and tear and will last years to come. Available in different models and colours, some with wheels or handles to be easily transported, with or without accessories such as cushions and canopies, our folding loungers are sold at affordable rates to offer you the best on the market.

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Verona Lux Folding uv Resistant Sunbed With Sunshade

EUR 59.95 EUR 93.95
In stock

Gabicce Folding Beach & Patio Sun Lounger With Sunshade

EUR 94.95 EUR 149.95
In stock

California Adjustable Outdoor Sun Lounger With Sunshade

EUR 69.95 EUR 144.95
In stock

Banana Folding Deck Chair With Built-in Wheels

EUR 54.95 EUR 124.95
In stock

Set of 2 Gabicce Folding Beach & Patio Sun Loungers With Sunshade

EUR 169.95 EUR 209.95
In stock

Set of 4 Gabicce Folding Beach & Patio Sun Loungers With Sunshade

EUR 304.95 EUR 484.95
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Verona Oxford Folding uv Resistant Sunbed

EUR 49.95 EUR 74.95
In stock

Portable Deck Chair with Head Shade Folding Lounger Banana

EUR 59.95 EUR 134.95
In stock

Set of 20 Gabicce Folding Beach & Patio Sun Loungers With Sunshade

EUR 1,554.95 EUR 1,799.95
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Set of 2 California Adjustable Outdoor Sun Loungers With Sunshade

EUR 104.95 EUR 169.95
In stock