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    Floor lamps


Floor lamps

Floor lamps
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Floor lamp for children teddy bear design SLIDE Charlie

EUR 79.95 EUR 169.95
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Floor lamp design for home and public places SLIDE Cactus

EUR 189.95 EUR 239.95
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Modern design floor lamp 120 with Led light SLIDE Flux

EUR 159.95 EUR 259.95
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Modern design floor lamp 150 with Led light SLIDE Flux

EUR 197.95 EUR 309.95
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Modern minimalist design LED arc lamp Rigel

EUR 249.95 EUR 549.95
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Modern minimalist design angular LED floor lamp Vega

EUR 99.95 EUR 299.95
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Every environment requires its light. Lighting is an important furnishing element and the choice of lamps is an opportunity to express one's personality while shaping the environment.

Floor lamps are design elements that complete the furniture, add to the style and enrich the environments in which they are placed.

Floor lamps vary not only in style and design but also in shapes and color:

Precisely because of their dual function of lighting and furnishing, floor lamps can be the absolute protagonists of indoor or outdoor lighting, they are perfect for enlarging small spaces while offering some warmth to larger rooms, adapting practically anywhere.

Floor lamps are always a good solution for general lighting and combined with wall lights or chandeliers they can grant a sofisticated lighting effect by offering an additional light point to the walls, which will no longer appear empty and anonymous.

The same applies if you have an outdoor space to furnish. Gardens, patios, terraces, facades, paths, any outdoor element you decide to illuminate, will gain new life during the darkest hours and make your dinner with friends and relatives more memorable.

In this section you will surely find the floor lamp that best suits your needs and environments: from the bedroom to the office, from the living room to the garden.