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    Electric treadmills


Electric treadmills

Electric treadmills
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Folding Electric Treadmill Space Saving Home Gym F25

EUR 399.95 EUR 469.95
In stock

Folding Electric Treadmill Space Saving Manual Tilt Home Gym F35

EUR 519.95 EUR 619.95
In stock

Folding Electric Treadmill Space Saving Home Gym F30

EUR 379.95 EUR 449.95
In stock

Folding Electric Treadmill Home Gym Space Saving F20

EUR 399.95 EUR 459.95
In stock

Folding Cushioned Digital Incline Fitness Electric Treadmill Stinkor

EUR 399.95 EUR 479.95
In stock

Home Gym Digital Tilt Folding Electric Fitness Treadmill Teela

EUR 539.95 EUR 609.95
In stock

The treadmill is the quitessential aerobic training tool that is widely used in the world of fitness, especially for indoor training.

The treadmill represents the best alternative to running; it allows you to walk and run at different speeds and at different slope angles, on an electrically moving path, without advancing in space.

Our models are equipped with a heart rate sensos and a control display that allows you to start varied and complete training programs while simultaneously viewing all the parameters related to the training session such as calories, effort level and elapsed time.

There are many models of treadmills on the market, designed both for home fitness and for professional training which differentiate based on technology and operating method, design, materials and price range.

Space at home can sometimes affect the choice of treadmill as we tend to think that in addition to being an expensive piece of equipment, it is also very bulky. In this regard, we selected only the treadmills with the best quality / price ratio on the market, with small dimensions and equipped with a folding system, to allow you to carry out a complete, comfortable and safe workout even in the smallest spaces while always obtaining excellent results.

Those who do not want to give up their daily dose of running, even in the office, can opt for the innovative walking pad, a very thin platform on which you walk and run almost like on a treadmill but with the advantage of being much more manageable; all this while saving space. ideal for taking it with you to work and taking advantage of the lunch break to satisfy your desire for fitness.