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    Electric bicycles


Electric bicycles

Electric bicycles
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Electric bicycle folding ebike Shimano Rks Tnt10

EUR 949.95 EUR 1,129.95
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Folding e bike electric bicycle Shimano Rks Tnt5

EUR 759.95 EUR 889.95
In stock

Electric bicycle e-bike for men 250W Shimano W6

EUR 899.95 EUR 1,499.95
In stock

Electric bike ebike folding bike Lithium Battery Shimano RSIII 250W

EUR 919.95 EUR 1,019.95
Out of stock

Electric bicycle ebike folding bike Shimano Mx25 250W

EUR 669.95 EUR 769.95
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Electric bicycle ebike cruiser custom Shimano RKS XR6 250W

EUR 939.95 EUR 1,059.95
Out of stock

Electric bicycle ebike for woman with basket Shimano RKS XT1 250W

EUR 849.95 EUR 949.95
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Ebike electric bike bicycles fatbike Shimano MTB MT8 250W

EUR 1,269.95 EUR 1,419.95
Out of stock

Folding electric bicycle ebike Shimano Rks Tnt 15

EUR 1,029.95 EUR 1,129.95
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Folding electric bicycle ebike Shimano RKS RSI-X

EUR 1,009.95 EUR 1,109.95
Out of stock

Electric bicycles are truly the best alternative to traditional means of transport: ecological, practical and safe, today's e-bikes are also the best way to enjoy the sights and get a workout.

ProduceShop offers a wide range of high quality electric bikes with high safety standards. All our electric bicycles pass very strict tests before being marketed. Our line of electric bikes are the result of a rigorous selection that only includes the best and most suitable means of transport for the needs of our customers at the best possible price.

Electric bicycles have a real electric motor that allows you to travel independently thanks to an assisted pedaling system capable of minimizing human effort. The control unit mounted on each battery manages pedal assistance according to different variables, and through a selector positioned on the handlebar, allows the driver to always dial in the best settings.

The speeds that these bicycles can reach require higher safety standards than traditional bicycles: resistance of the materials and high performance brake systems are among the fundamental criteria with which we choose electric bicycles for our clients

In order to offer reliable products that in compliance with the law, we adopt very strict selection criteria in order to guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction.

ProduceShop, the experts that care.