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Double and Single Beds
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Sleeping well is essential to wake up rested and full of energy to face the frenzy of everyday life. That's why it's important to choose the right bed: comfortable, beautiful, cozy and especially large enough to allow you to stretch and relax as you should. In our range of bed frames you will find many different styles to choose the most suitable bed for you. Our single and double beds, as well as a square and a half, offer a unique design in various styles and comfort. You will only have to choose and add the mattress that best suits your needs. Thanks to ProduceShop, which has chosen the best beds on the market, you can relax in a comfortable bed that also offers space for all your things and helps you to organize the volumes.

In our catalogue of beds you will be spoilt for choice and will be able to satisfy any need with double beds, single beds, container beds, beds one and a half squares and even beds in similar leather or fabric and orthopedic slatted slats to satisfy every type of need. When we talk about attention to detail, high quality materials and wisdom in manufacturing we do so with the guarantee ProduceShop, all materials used in production are highly selected, up to the padding and the perfect mechanisms for lifting nets, not forgetting the ergonomics and practicality of a modern bed that must be both comfortable and useful and equipped with compartments to store everything you need. ProduceShop is not only quality, but has always been synonymous with design. A team of experts in the field, designers, interior decorators make a constant search to ensure that every bed is incomparable and extraordinary. Materials such as similar ecological leather, avant-garde fabrics with soft colours perfect for any furnishing, padding and sober and linear processing create an exclusive style with which the upholstered bed becomes the heart of the furnishing of your bedroom.

Never forgetting the technological innovations also in the field of home design, ProduceShop has selected for you models of beds with structure equipped with LED lights, comfortable innovation that creates a unique atmosphere in your environment and avoids the use of abat-jours, notoriously more uncomfortable for reading that requires uniform light, while the bed structure equipped with diffused light allows. In addition, many of the models proposed here are equipped with front opening of the net that discovers large storage compartments below space-saving or even models equipped with drawer compartments for storing blankets and linen, in short, all tastes are satisfied.

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ZURICH KING Complete Double Queen Size Bed in Fabric with Mesh 160x190 cm

EUR 199.95 EUR 279.95

BASEL KING Complete Double Bed Mesh Storage Lift Up 160x190 cm

EUR 229.95 EUR 319.95

BASEL Complete Small Double Bed Storage Lift Up Fabric Mesh 120x190 cm

EUR 209.95 EUR 289.95

BASEL TWIN Complete Single Bed Mesh Storage Lift Up 80x190 cm

EUR 189.95 EUR 269.95

GENEVA Complete Small Double Bed Slatted Mesh LED Headboard Drawers...

EUR 229.95 EUR 299.95

GENEVA TWIN Complete Single Bed Slatted Mesh LED Headboard Drawers...

EUR 189.95 EUR 269.95

LAUSANNE Small Double Bed French 120x190 cm fabric Headboard Slatted...

EUR 149.95 EUR 239.95

LAUSANNE TWIN 80x190 cm Single Bed of fabric with Headboard Slatted Mesh

EUR 129.95 EUR 219.95

Nordic double bed fabric and wood with mesh 160x190 FRIBORG KING

EUR 219.95 EUR 289.95

French bed 1 and a half square Nordic fabric and wood with mesh 120x190...

EUR 199.95 EUR 274.95

Single bed 1 piazza Nordico fabric and wood with mesh 80x190 FRIBORG TWIN

EUR 179.95 EUR 259.95

Double bed in fabric with mesh 160x190 MONTREUX KING

EUR 229.95 EUR 279.95

French bed 1 and a half square in fabric with mesh 120x190 MONTREUX

EUR 219.95 EUR 289.95

Single bed 1 square fabric bed with mesh 80x190 MONTREUX TWIN

EUR 199.95 EUR 279.95

Queen-size Bed White and Oak 120x200cm Design LUDO

EUR 319.95 EUR 509.95

Size Single Bed White and Oak 90x200cm Design LUDO

EUR 289.95 EUR 419.95