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Dog Kennels

Dog Kennels
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Dog kennel in plastic small medium size inside outside Ollie

EUR 64.95 EUR 79.95
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Kennel for medium sized dogs in plastic outside inside Bella

EUR 99.95 EUR 114.95
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Kennel house for small dogs in plastic garden Coco

EUR 79.95 EUR 89.95
In stock

Kennel house for large dogs in plastic garden Bobby

EUR 129.95 EUR 159.95
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Kennel house for medium-large sized dogs in plastic garden Dolly

EUR 94.95 EUR 109.95
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Garden kennel for medium-large sized dogs in plastic platform Bijoux

EUR 124.95 EUR 149.95
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Kennel house for large dogs in plastic garden Rock

EUR 139.95 EUR 229.95
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Animal box portable folding enclosure 110x62cm inside and outside Panoramik

EUR 54.95 EUR 84.95
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Kennel for large dogs in plastic outside and inside the garden Molly

EUR 134.95 EUR 154.95
Out of stock

Kennel garden house for medium-sized dogs in plastic Ruby

EUR 89.95 EUR 104.95
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A kennel for your dog is a gift of great importance as it means dedicating a special place to him, a small corner of his own where he can feel safe and secure.

For dogs that mainly live outdoors or who can spend most of the day in the garden, the kennel is an important accessory: not only useful for finding coolness in summer and taking refuge from the coldduring winter, a kennel also establishes a protected and familiar place where your four-legged friend can relax, play and feel safe.

Dog kennels are also useful for those new puppies who enter the house for the first time as it becomes a reference point in which the puppy can feel safe and protected in an environment so new to their eyes.

From the size of the animal to the materials from which it is built, you must consider many details before choosing the right dog house.

Most of the kennels that you will find in this section are made of resistant plastic precisely to ensure excellent thermal insulation during all seasons of the year, they are also practical and economical, easy to clean and transport, even ideal for indoor environments.

If you want to ensure a comfortable and relaxing shelter for your four-legged friend, all you have to do is check out this section where you will find the best kennels available exclusively for your dog.