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Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs
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Transparent Design Chair in Polycarbonate Made in Italy for the Kitchen...

EUR 103.94 EUR 120.94
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Ice Grand Soleil Stackable Chair for Kitchen and Bar made of Polypropylene

EUR 53.94 EUR 60.94
In stock

Gruvyer Grand Soleil Stackable Chair for Kitchen and Bar made of...

EUR 50.94 EUR 60.94
In stock

Cristal Light Design Transparent Plastic Chair Made in Italy for Home...

EUR 75.94 EUR 83.94
In stock

Paris Grand Soleil Stackable Chair For Kitchen Home Bar made of...

EUR 44.94 EUR 62.94
In stock

Dune Transparent Polycarbonate Design Chair Made in Italy for Home...

EUR 64.94 EUR 73.89
In stock

Polypropylene Design Chair with Armrests for Kitchens Bar Cafè Gruvyer Arm

EUR 56.94 EUR 66.94
In stock

Paris Arm Grand Soleil Chair with Armrests made of Polypropylene for Bar...

EUR 53.94 EUR 62.94
In stock

Cream Grand Soleil Polypropylene Stackable Chair with Armrests for...

EUR 54.94 EUR 61.94
In stock

Gruvyer Stackable Chair made of Transparent Polycarbonate for Bars and...

EUR 108.94 EUR 145.94
In stock

A great addition to your dining room or living room, these chairs will be one of the most important elements of your home furniture.

It is extremely important to choose comfortable, relaxing and functional chairs as they end up being an essential part of every, both professional and domestic, living room or dining room.

Our wide assortment of dining chairs will guarantee a solution to every home.

From ergonomic designer chairs made from polypropylene, to original and one-of-a-kind wooden ones, from fabric chairs to stackable, transparent polycarbonate designer chairs: our collection will satisfy and fulfil every need you may have.

Never choose between style, elegance, comfort and luxury again: our incredible collection only offers chairs, that will be both comfortable and stylistically captivating and unique. Elegant shapes and sturdy structures will grant curb appeal and incredible realiability, even in case you end up using them for your bistro or restaurant.

Visit our collection and choose your style you preferm knowing you are not renouncing to comfort and durability. Our chairs will surely give an added touch of charm and elegance to your living room.