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Designer Chairs

Designer Chairs
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Ice Grand Soleil Stackable Chair for Kitchen and Bar made of Polypropylene

EUR 53.95 EUR 60.95
In stock

Gruvyer Grand Soleil Stackable Chair for Kitchen and Bar made of...

EUR 50.95 EUR 60.95
In stock

Paris Grand Soleil Stackable Chair For Kitchen Home Bar made of...

EUR 44.95 EUR 62.95
In stock

18 Transparent Stacking Chairs Grand Soleil Dune

EUR 1,049.95 EUR 1,229.95
In stock

Gruvyer Stackable Chair made of Transparent Polycarbonate for Bars and...

EUR 108.95 EUR 145.95
In stock

Stylish and esclusive design chairs for your house and your business, made only with high quality materials; the best way to combine class and durability.

ProduceShop is always designing and producing new styles of chairs following the newest trends. The wide range of classy design products is built using strong and durable materials, to provide a smart ergonomical design which is comfortable and resistant yet beautiful and elegant. 

Our design chairs are all ready to ship, even in large quantities, and they are perfectly suited to decorate your house and your business, such as restaurants, clubs, pubs. A perfect chance to add a nice touch of class to any existing interior.

Check out all the available colours and styles!