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Deck Chairs and Director's Chairs
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Beach and Director's chair: stage your own comfort.

Our beach chairs are stylish, practical, functional and are designed for your outdoor spaces, beaches, and also hotels, farmhouses and private residences. They are ideal to bring to the beach, but also for terraces and backyards, or public and private swimming pools. Foldable, easy to move, transport and handle but still designed to offer you maximum comfort. With their washable, durable and cool fabrics and anodized alluminium frame, they are also well suited for public and professional use. Our beach chairs offer you high quality at affordable prices and are available in different patterns and colours, to allow you to customise your outdoors with style, as well as with exclusive and reliable products. Best value for money ever.

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Director Chair for Outdoors Folding LUSSO

EUR 69.95 EUR 114.95

Set of 2 LUSSO Outdoor Folding Director's Chairs

EUR 119.95 EUR 159.95

RODEO Ultimate Portable Folding Beach Chair

EUR 19.95 EUR 29.95

Deck chair made of steel with built in cushion for the beach garden...

EUR 27.95 EUR 39.95

TROPICAL Portable Deck Chair For Beach & Camping

EUR 44.95 EUR 79.95

RICCIONE Beach & Patio Deck Chair

EUR 69.95 EUR 127.95

Set of 2 RICCIONE Beach & Patio Deck Chairs

EUR 129.95 EUR 179.95

Set of 4 RICCIONE Beach & Patio Deck Chairs

EUR 234.95 EUR 324.95

GARGANO Reclining Deck Chair With Armrests

EUR 44.95 EUR 74.95

RICCIONE LUX Beach Deck Chair With Armrests

EUR 79.95 EUR 134.95

Set of 2 RICCIONE LUX Beach Deck Chairs With Armrests

EUR 139.95 EUR 184.95

Set of 4 RICCIONE LUX Beach Deck Chairs With Armrests

EUR 249.95 EUR 264.95