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ProduceShop is an eCommerce website, specialized in the online trading of furniture and design objects for home interiors and outdoor decorating, useful and innovative kitchen tools and solutions, loungers and parasols for seaside resorts, and much more.

We carefully and individually select all items in our store, and each one of them is cherry picked to be high quality. Everything on this website is thoroughly tested, and we check each item before shipment, as you can see by the mark we put on the cardboard. Therefore we can be 100% sure that every single object comes out of our warehouse in perfect conditions, matching the item that the customer chose to purchase. We take specific care of the logistics of our work. We have spread our complexes and our warehouses in central points throughout Europe in order to always intercept the optimal route to deliver each package in the shortest possible time.

This organization allows us to have always large quantities of the merchandise available, ready to ship and as close as possible to the customer. This way we are able to deliver everything in 1 to 3 working days all over Europe. Moreover, the complete automation of our orders and logistics IT system is highly developed and it eliminates the probability of mistakes in the delivery.

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How Come Our Prices Are So Low?

We are producers or the main importer and reseller of most of our selection, and in the other cases we are often the most important online trader. Whatever the reason, we always manage to keep our prices hugely competitive. In fact, you can browse the Internet and you will find our same products on sale on different websites at higher prices, and the reason is that most of them actually buy from us and then resell.

The lower price does not affect the quality of the goods on sale, which is always high. All our furniture and design items are manufactured using prime materials, and often you will see that they are properly and officially certified products. Most of these are patented items that we distribute exclusively. Our beach accessories, for example, are often chosen by other website, and you will find them at higher prices, while in other occasions you can find cheap and worthless imitations, sometimes at lower prices, but the quality just isn't there.

Don't be mistaken, our products are those with the certifications and the quality to last over time. We always at your disposal to provide a custom RFP if you need to purchase large quantities, like stock furniture for seaside resorts, hotels and restaurants. You just have to fill the relevant form and we will get back as soon as possible. We are also available to help stores and markets with availability without minimum orders.

Why We Do Not Accept Cash-On-Delivery?

A while ago there were still some website willing to ship goods sold as cash-on-delivery, but now they are quite hard to find. We do not accept cash-on-delivery as no other major eCommerce website does. The reason is simple: if you ship large or valuable objects and the addressee will not make himself available at the time delivery, or even if he or she does not simply have the right amount of cash, the delivery is denied and the cost of it is all on ourselves. Such expenses will inevitably raise the price of our goods.

This way a few distract, and sometimes even dishonest, customers will end up raising the price for the thousands of others, and we do not believe this would be fair. Cash-on-delivery used to be a way of having a guarantee that the goods ordered online were fine and in compliance with the description, but this is not anymore. In fact all couriers will only let you check the package of what you ordered, and not the interiors. It is much better now to trust the reviews that you will find online and our own reputation and experience in the field.

It has been years that we have been producing and trading online, and we developed techniques and procedures of quality check to fully ensure that all items leaving our warehouse are in perfect conditions. Indeed we are a trusted and verify seller by PayPal and all transactions are made on a totally secure server. If you choose to pay with a bank transfer, be aware that these are continually monitored to speed up the procedure and the consequent delivery times. You can verify from all the online reviews you'll find on the web. We do not fear no comparison on the web.

Safety and quality:

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