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The wardrobe is one of those indispensable pieces of furniture in any home. Dedicated to the storage of personal items such as clothes, shoes and much more, it allows you to keep a more organized and tidy environment!

Who has never opened the wardrobe or wardrobe wishing for more room, more comfort and practicality, or simply better aesthetics?

With our assortment of cupboards and wardrobes, clutter will be a thing of the past! Our collection is enriched by large wardrobes made with clothes rods, shelves, drawers and doors of all kinds and sizes, arranged in different positions, for a remarkable range of choices whose functionality is matched by design.

Although the most important feature of wardrobes and closets is that of spacious containers, nowadays wardrobes have gained a new function within home, furnishing: decorating and adding style to an environment.

The modern wardrobe closet is destined to respond to functional and aesthetic needs, lending itself to a thousand and more interpretations of furnishing style. This is why our wardrobes, while being versatile, are capable of fitting into multiple furnishing contexts ranging from the most classic and traditional style to the most contemporary and tendy.

Each material has its right place in a home, which is why in our catalog you will find classic wood closets, which complete the sleeping area in a refined and welcoming way, and designer wardrobes with metal finishes that are meant to furnish of modern environment

If you want to take advantage of the entrance wall or a space in the corridor to organizing coats, shoes and bags, the best solution is the multipurpose wardrobe which, with its reduced depth, is able to organize everything out of sight while being slim and elegant.

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3-Door White Wardrobe Cabinet Armoire And Wooden Drawer LUDO for Bedroom

EUR 679.95 EUR 824.95
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Multipurpose wardrobe with two doors, modern industrial style design DUBLIN

EUR 309.95 EUR 379.95
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Glossy White And Oak Wardrobe With Shoe Rack and Storage Hanger

EUR 369.95 EUR 444.95
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6-Compartments White with Oak Base Wardrobe with Shoe Rack Storage PASSACOR

EUR 299.95 EUR 404.95
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