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Christmas Gift Baskets
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What kind of world would it be without... Christmas baskets! This year ProduceShop has decided to surprise you and your relatives, friends, customers or colleagues with a catalogue of gift ideas perfect for Christmas and of notable quality, designed by our experts to best satisfy every taste and budget.

Christmas gift baskets have always been one of the most popular gifts. An elegant thought of sure effect that never make a bad impression. The advantage of giving a Christmas basket is its multi-purpose nature, the Christmas baskets are the perfect gift and can be given to anyone from close relatives, to close friends, to colleagues and customers. Wonders and food and wine delicacies to be enjoyed during Christmas are a sure gesture to get you appreciated and that no one can refuse. You will surely look good. 

Our Christmas baskets include the best of Italian tradition, national culinary culture and regional specialties with products carefully selected for their quality and organoleptic properties. Italy is a country where the food and wine culture represents the glue that connects every single region, every piece of this wonderful territory. So, you can not miss in our baskets traditional sweets, pasta, wines and cold cuts. It is almost impossible to make a mistake with a Christmas basket so composed. Of course, in every basket reigns the imagination and you can choose from an infinite number of products of all kinds, but in the respect of tradition two typical products can not miss: the inevitable winning pair consisting of lentils and cotechino, fundamental elements of every Italian Christmas dinner that you respect. And then ... lentils bring good luck, what a Christmas would be without lentils and cotechino!

In order to provide you with perfect Christmas baskets, ProduceShop has not only included traditional products with its experts in the field, but has also wanted to give you (and offer you) an extra touch of class. More sophisticated products such as a blend of coffee or a package of fine pink salt of Salgemma enrich all of this making your gift inimitable.

A further advantage of the Christmas baskets not to be underestimated is their convenience: ProduceShop has chosen for you the best products and you will not have to waste time selecting products by yourself. The Christmas baskets are already prepared and ready to be purchased. You will also have the convenience of receiving them directly at home to even more amaze your loved ones ... Don't hesitate, Christmas is just around the corner!

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VENETO Christmas Gift Basket Xmas Bauli Sperlari for Coworkers

EUR 29.95 EUR 109.95

ITALIAN TASTE Christmas Gift Basket with Lambrusco Rosso Parmesan

EUR 29.95 EUR 119.95

PIEMONTE Christmas Gift Basket with Coffee Pasta for Coworkers

EUR 29.95 EUR 114.95

CAMPANIA Christmas Basket with Parmesan Balsamic Vinegar for Family

EUR 32.95 EUR 122.95

TRENTINO Christmas Gift Basket Chocolate Wine Parents Coworkers

EUR 32.95 EUR 114.95

ABRUZZO Christmas Gift Basket Parmesan Cheese Balsamic for Coworkers...

EUR 39.95 EUR 129.95

UMBRIA Christmas Gift Basket with wine Sangiovese Grana Padano Parmesan...

EUR 39.95 EUR 129.95

LOMBARDIA Christmas Gift Panettone Motta Penne Mushrooms for Families

EUR 44.95 EUR 134.95

CALABRIA Christmas Basket with Lambrusco Modena Balsamic Vinegar

EUR 49.95 EUR 139.95

EMILIA ROMAGNA Christmas Basket with wine Sangiovese Parmigiano Parmesan...

EUR 64.95 EUR 154.95

Set of 12 EMILIA ROMAGNA Christmas Basket with wine Sangiovese...

EUR 619.95 EUR 739.95

TOSCANA Christmas Basket Panettone Milano Mionetto Cuvee Chocolate...

EUR 84.95 EUR 174.95

LAZIO Gift Basket for Christmas with Champagne Parmesan Illy

EUR 184.95 EUR 284.95