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Wooden tables and benches sets by Wood Decor are an incredible versatile product, perfect to stage outdoor events and activities, and manufactured using high quality materials to ensure resistance and duraility.

Practical and affordable, these wooden tables and benches from Wood Decor are the most suitable option to host outdoor dinners and ceremonies, even festivals and local fairs. Built with a strong tubular frame with painted two or three sets of steel legs, depending on the model, for maximum load capacity, added stability and balance in any situation. The high quality wood of this garden table and benches sets by Wood Decor makes them one of the most sought after products for its unmatchable value for money. The thickness and solidity of this wood is one of the main selling points and the fruit of many years of experience.

Available on sale individually or as sets, these wooden benches and tables by Wood Decor are meant to meet the demands from both private individuals and professional public spaces willing to stage outdoor events or to decorate their external premises. These garden wooden sets of tables and benches are weatherproof and highly resistant to wear, even in busy conditions and under heavy use.

Providing this high of a quality at low prices is the main goal of Wood Decor, with an optimal internal organization and employing highly automated production technologies in combination with fine craftsmanship, is actually offering these wooden tables and chairs sets at the best price and with the best possible value for money.

Being happy together is easier than ever with these garden wooden tables and benches by Wood Decor; stage and enjoy all sorts of outdoor events without concern!

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Cagebox Galvanised Steel Storage Cage For Wooden Beer Table & Bench Sets

EUR 1,098.95 EUR 1,169.95
In stock

Brewery set 2 benches table 220x80 cm folding beer garden festival party...

EUR 259.95 EUR 369.95
In stock

Stock set brewery 8 pieces tables wooden folding benches 220x80 Oletan

EUR 1,799.95 EUR 1,999.95
Last ones in stock

Set of Three Legged Wooden Table 2 Benches For Outdoor Dinners Events...

EUR 249.95 EUR 279.95
Out of stock

Set Of Dining Outdoors Wooden Two Legged Benches And Table 220x80

EUR 209.95 EUR 224.95
Out of stock

Set Of 10 Wooden Outdoor Table And 2 Three Legged Benches 220x80

EUR 1,829.95 EUR 1,899.95
Out of stock

Set of 2 Spare Legs For Folding Bench

EUR 39.95 EUR 79.95
Out of stock

Set of Garden Folding Wooden Benches and Table for Outdoors

EUR 229.95 EUR 264.95
Out of stock

Two Legged Wooden Outdoors Dining Furniture Table 220 x 80

EUR 169.95 EUR 184.95
Out of stock

10 Set of Folding Table and 2 Benches Wooden Furniture Outdoors

EUR 1,729.95 EUR 1,989.95
Out of stock