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Vinarium is the leader in sales of professional wine coolers for individuals and companies

Vinarium manufactures and offers stainless steel wine coolers specifically designed for the preservation of wine and beverages in line with the needs required by the HoReCa sector.
All our wine coolers are suitable for private use (collectors or consumers) and for professional use (bars, restaurants and wine shops).
If you are a lover of good wine and you are looking for a reliable and efficient line of wine coolers, Vinarium is the brand that can satisfy your needs, with a complete range of wine coolers perfect for the excellent preservation of wine with silent compressors, double chamber glass and led lights, for the best internal temperature stability.
The line of wine coolers is designed and developed with an innovative compressors able to minimize noise, this feature makes the Vinarium range ideal for use in silent environments such as lounges, kitchens or intimate restaurants.
Choosing a Vinarium wine cooler means relying on a market leader, a reliable and efficient brand able to provide the market with high quality products at competitive prices, for the best customer satisfaction.

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Professional wine cooler fridge 6 bottles Bacchus Vi

EUR 139.95 EUR 204.95
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Professional wine cooler fridge 8 bottles for personal and commercial...

EUR 149.95 EUR 219.95
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Professional Wine cooler fridge 16 bottles single zone Bacchus Xvi

EUR 159.95 EUR 239.95
Out of stock

Professional single zone wine cooler fridge for 12 bottles Bacchus Xii

EUR 159.95 EUR 219.95
Out of stock

Professional double zone wine cooler for 51 bottles Bacchus

EUR 539.95 EUR 689.95
Out of stock

Professional double zone wine cooler for 30 bottles BACCHUS Xxl

EUR 459.95 EUR 549.95
Out of stock

Single zone Digital Wine cooler fridge for 12 bottles Bacchus Xii

EUR 139.95 EUR 229.95
Out of stock

Professional 12 bottle wine cooler single zone digital BacchusXiis

EUR 149.95 EUR 269.95
Out of stock

Wine cooler 16 bottles single zone professional digital BacchusXvis

EUR 164.95 EUR 279.95
Out of stock

Professional single zone wine refrigerator 28 bottles BacchusXxviii

EUR 209.95 EUR 309.95
Out of stock