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For the last 60 years Svad Dondi has carried out and has provided the result of a perfect mix between experience, creativity, entrepreneurial attitude, quality and love for elegance. Its story begins in a small family laboratory that within a short period of time gets to find the right balance between serial production and artisan manufacturing.

Towels, bathrobes and cushions are just some of the manufactured products that have been produced with the knowledge that the future of the company would have been within the textile furnishing industry. To this day, the catalog of products has increased and Svad Dondi has become a benchmark in the production of voluptuous linen, dreamy quilts, warm duvets, couture and contemporary home design.

The goal of Svad Dondi is to provide their customers with up-to-date products in accordance with innovative trends in terms of materials and style. In order to achieve such ambitious goal, the company put together a professional and brave team capable of watching the world and its aesthetic evolution, by converting them into perfect and precious products.

One of the added values of Svad Dondi is to find quality both in aesthetic and material terms, thanks to a constant pursuit of the best raw materials and for the manufacturing, a unique sartorial know-how. In line with Svad Dondi perspective, the cooperation with a great fashion brand like Blumarine has been very successful and helped to push the company.

Another important feature for Svad Dondi is its care for the presentation of the product: the company works together with great photographers creating emotional photos with picturesque settings, refined packages and much else, so as to guarantee a one-of-a-kind and elegant advertising.

The attention to detail is the key word that portrays any production and supply step from factory to customers.

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Svad Dondi SKIPPER 3 Towels Set + Unisex Bathrobe

EUR 129.95 EUR 154.95

Svad Dondi SKIPPER 3 Towels Set: Large Medium Small

EUR 64.95 EUR 120.95

Svad Dondi TI AMO 3 Towels Set Large Medium Small

EUR 47.95 EUR 104.95

Svad Dondi TI AMO 3 Towels Set with Bathrobe

EUR 89.95 EUR 134.95

Svad Dondi TI AMO Bathrobe Unisex 100% Cotton

EUR 57.95 EUR 119.95

Svad Dondi TIMES SQUARE 3 Towels Set Large Medium Small

EUR 71.95 EUR 119.95

Svad Dondi TIMES SQUARE 3 Towels Set with Bathrobe

EUR 149.95 EUR 199.95

Svad Dondi TIMES SQUARE Bathrobe Unisex Cotton and Bamboo

EUR 84.95 EUR 134.95

Svad Dondi Unisex Ribbed Jacquard Bathrobe with Hood and Pockets

EUR 79.95 EUR 154.95