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The collection of kitchen stools by Superstools was born in the 70s when a brand new company specialized in kitchen stools with an innovative design and quality composition was founded.

To create always better kitchen stools, Superstools, in the years, has redefined its R&D department, its design studios and the logistcs department. The passion of its founder for interior design, and kitchen stools in particular, has quickly made Superstool the most influencing manufacturer of kitchen stools on the field. Elegant and ergonomic stools that can match any kind of context, adding comfort and functionality. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, “our most important, value, the one that drove us all these years and that always will, along with precision, competence and reliability. The bigger satisfaction, for us, is a happy customer that expresses its feelings.

This fives us the motivation to design and manufacture always new kitchen stools with the same passion and dedication as always. The collection of kitchen stools by Superstool offers an ample range of carefully selected products, ranging from faux leather to microfiber, from steel to wood, all tied together by an aesthetic sense that drives all its designs Indeed, all these kitchen stools display contemporary styles, from the classics that never go out of fashion to the innovative avant-garde pieces. Such a selection can provide the perfect match to all sorts of interiors, from kitchens and basement rooms to commercial settings like pubs and restaurants, but also retails and hotels. In these kitchen stools you can find all the respect for tradition and the limitless creativity that is necessary to create iconic stools that combine elegance and fanciness, ergonomy and durability.

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AMARILLO Bar & Kitchen Revolving Stool With Exclusive Design

EUR 47.95 EUR 84.95

ATLANTA Height Adjustable Swivel Cuban Bar Stool With Backrest

EUR 42.95 EUR 79.95

AUSTIN Swivel Stool & Barbershop Armchair Made Of Faux Leather

EUR 72.95 EUR 104.95

BALTIMORA High Kitchen Bar And Pub Stool With Ergonomic Seat

EUR 42.95 EUR 74.95

BERLIN High Solid Wooden Round Stool For Café And Kitchen

EUR 42.95 EUR 74.95

BOSTON Vintage Bar & Kitchen Stool With Modern Design

EUR 42.95 EUR 72.95

DALLAS Bottle Cap Design Stool For Bar & Kitchen Counter

EUR 41.95 EUR 74.95

DENVER High Cuban Stool For Kitchen Counters Made Of Quilted Faux Leather

EUR 44.95 EUR 79.95

DETROIT Bar & Kitchen Cuban Stool With Backrest And Footrest

EUR 47.95 EUR 89.95

DORTMUND Square Wooden Stool For Café And Kitchen

EUR 42.95 EUR 74.95

FLORIDA Kitchen & Bar Swivel Stool With Adjustable Height And Footrest

EUR 46.95 EUR 89.95

High stool for children high chair with straw seat BABY

EUR 69.95 EUR 99.95

High stool with straw seat for children LOVE highchair

EUR 59.95 EUR 89.95

High wooden stool with MUNICH back for bar pub and kitchen

EUR 69.95 EUR 99.95

High wooden stool with straw seat HAMBURG bar pub and kitchen

EUR 59.95 EUR 89.95

LAS VEGAS Bar Stool With Armrests & Footrest Barbershop Style

EUR 49.95 EUR 84.95

MINNEAPOLIS Modern Design Stool For Kitchens & Bars

EUR 50.95 EUR 89.95

NEW ORLEANS Pub & Kitchen Counter Design Stool With Faux Leather Padding

EUR 52.95 EUR 87.95

OAKLAND Vintage Design Stool With Extra Padding Backrest & Armrests

EUR 57.95 EUR 87.95

PHILADELPHIA Swivel Stool For Pubs And Kitchens With Padded Backrest

EUR 50.95 EUR 89.95

PHOENIX Revolving Cuban Stool For Bar Pub Kitchen Counters

EUR 44.95 EUR 79.95

RACING Design Stool for Bars Restaurants And Arcades

EUR 52.95 EUR 82.95

SAN FRANCISCO Height Adjustable Vintage Design Swivel Stool

EUR 39.95 EUR 74.95

SAN JOSÉ Height Adjustable Modern Design Swivel Stool With Footrest

EUR 59.95 EUR 104.95

SEATTLE Backless Height Adjustable Children Stool

EUR 32.95 EUR 64.95

TOWERWOOD Bar & Kitchen Stool Made Of Metal And Faux Wood

EUR 49.95 EUR 84.95

TUCSON Swivel Padded Stool With Armrests And Footrest

EUR 52.95 EUR 82.95