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What does the do-it-yourself mean for you? It is not a matter of simple works; it means instead create something with your hands because you wish, need or desire to. The do-it-yourself is not just a hobby: it is a mix of creativity and invention, it means release your inspiration and express your skills in order to make something out of nowhere or to repair an object that you do not want to lose. In this case, necessity is really the mother of invention.

Thanks to its wide range of bricolage and do-it-yourself articles, the famous brand STARK puts at your disposal any kind of tool and instrument that suits perfectly your needs and allows you to create or repair everything. You will have the chance to decorate and furnish your rooms and interiors or outdoor locations, taking advantage of an unbelievable price/quality proportion (our products benefit of the best price/quality proportion on the market) to unleash your own creative mind.

The brand STARK offers exclusively innovative and original products because it employs a new production system that always guarantees products without any flaw or defect, since all articles are inspected and tested accurately during this process; moreover, STARK tools can be easily considered as the best in the business thanks to their high-quality and first-choice raw materials: our customers must get only the best on the market!

But basically, what's the profit or gain in bricolage and DIY (do-it-yourself)? According to a research of the famous British Journal of Medicine Sportive, there's a direct connection between the DIY and possible physical benefits in people, who makes use and takes delight in doing bricolage activities: this research esteemed a reduction of strokes and heart attacks by 27% and a reduction of mortality risk by 30%. Our STARK products will allow you to solve and repair any kind of situation solely with the help of your hands, or to create something new, amazing all of your friends and relatives and feeling a sense of self-esteem to confront and deal with all situations.

Dedicate yourself to bricolage and DIY along with our STARK products: improve your workspace and your welfare with a wave of your hand!

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Garden trolley cart wood grass and liquids 380 Kg PARCHERON

EUR 84.95 EUR 169.95

Garden trolley for transporting wood grass 400kg SHIRE

EUR 99.95 EUR 189.95

Metal shelf racks 5 shelves 180x90x40cm 950 Kg ELEMENT XL

EUR 57.95 EUR 149.95

Metal shelf with racks 160x80x40 cm with 5 shelves 950 Kg ELEMENT L

EUR 51.95 EUR 139.95

Shelf with metal racks 150x70x30 cm 5 racks 950 kg ELEMENT

EUR 49.95 EUR 129.95

Tool Case Set Drill Bits Work Tools 252 Pieces SMART-XL

EUR 39.95 EUR 129.95

Tool Case Set Screwdriver Ratchet Allen Work Tools 99 Pieces TX

EUR 37.95 EUR 117.95

Tool Case Set Work Tools 334 Pieces SMART-XXL

EUR 44.95 EUR 124.95

Tool Case Set Work Tools Ratchet Screwdriver Allen 169 Pieces FX

EUR 39.95 EUR 119.95

Tool Case Set Work Tools Screwdriver Drill 334 Pieces SMART-EXTRA

EUR 74.95 EUR 149.95

Tool Case Set Work Tools Socket Wrenches Ratchet Screwdriver Allen 99...

EUR 39.95 EUR 119.95

Tool Case Socket Wrenches Ratchet Screwdriver Allen Screws 199 Pieces MX

EUR 57.95 EUR 134.95

Tool Case Work Tools Set Included 299 Pieces KIT TASK

EUR 59.95 EUR 139.95

Tool Case Work Tools Set Socket Wrenches Classic Wrenches 399 Pieces RX

EUR 64.95 EUR 144.95

Tool trolley set kit 1019 pieces MAC-XL

EUR 74.95 EUR 159.95

Toolbox Trolley Set with 1100 pieces MAC-XXL

EUR 99.95 EUR 189.95

Wheeled Case Tool Set Work Tools 99 Pieces SMART-L

EUR 37.95 EUR 117.95

Workbench with pegboard and drawer for garage and workshop MAX...

EUR 79.95 EUR 149.95